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Is OKC the best value brand now?

Discussion in 'Ontario Knife Company' started by deadzonepatrol, May 13, 2019.

  1. deadzonepatrol


    Apr 11, 2019
    With the new MAP pricing by Cold Steel, I think OKC may be the best value now. I used to buy a lot of CS, but with their new MAP pricing, I'll be greatly reducing my purchases of their knives to maybe one or two every 4-5 years. Recently, I got an Ontario RAT 7 and I was blown away at its quality. We're talking almost TOPS level quality, for about one-third the cost. I have other OKC knives as well from years past. I don't remember the quality being this good before. Maybe I just got lucky on this one? I'm sure that I'll get more OKC over the next few years. It seems like a great opportunity for Ontario to exponentially increase its market share.
  2. Roguer


    Jan 5, 2015
    OKC gives one of the better bang for the buck. I've gotten A LOT of OKC knives, usually the larger ones, as I have a need for them and their use. The FEW times I've had an issue their CS was great and took care of any problems.

    I got one Rat 7 on a whim because the blade was bigger than the Rat 5. I liked the handle so much so for light to medium duty (others I talked to say my medium duty is their HARD DUTY when they flinch seeing how much I use knives) I got another one. With my plethra of RD series knives (mostly out of production knives), the RAT 7s don't see as much duty as they would compared to normal people who get a few knives.

    The Rat 7 can do a lot and the handle gives to me the feeling of wanting to be used. I just wish they sold a saber grind version is my only complaint about it. But a lot of my knives are "Compromise" knives I get for me, ones I can afford that can do the job dang well even if it don't fit my EXACT ideal what I think it should be. The Rat 7 fills the need for a nice slicy jobs knife that can do the little things and bigger things when needed, which tends to make it a general all task doer of a knife in one blade, to me that's winner combo.
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