Is the Al Mar cigar cutter any good?

I played with an automatic version at a show two weeks ago. Quality is excellant, if you are a cigar smoker, the biggest ring size you will be able to cut is about a 48. The price for the auto was 125.00 and the manual goes for 79.00 I think.
I loaned a manual Havana Clipper to a cigar smoker, who pronounced it inefficient for cigar cutting, since you then have to clean cigar fragments out of the knife. The automatic version would have to be even less efficient at cigar cutting, since you would be doing it against the spring tension.

On the other hand, it's a high quality cute little box opening knife, and the hole in the handle does a good job of displaying the logo in an eye-catching manner, as well as inviting tasteless Clinton jokes.

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Hay James, how do you think it would work out for circumcisions?

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Thanks for the replies, I was interested in the cigar cutter portion,and it dosen't sound like something I want to spend $80 on. Too bad, it looks like it would have been a cool cutter if it worked better.