Is the Commander worth it?


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Dec 25, 1998
I have been seriously considering an Emerson Commander but have to ask, is it worth the money. It seems that everyone sells them for full retail. Are there better knives oput there for the money? Keep in mind that I would be using this knife primarily as a duty knife. And also if it is worth it should one get the satin or black-t finish?
I definitely think that the Emerson Commander is worth it. I've had mine for about a year now and I've carried it every day! The knife's G-10 slabs and Ti liners are thicker than most other factory knives such as the AFCK or Military , Genesis, Etc.
Many on the forum have commented on the knife and the general consensus is that the knife is very durable and the lock up solid. The reverse curve also cuts very aggresively. The action is very smooth, especially on the Black Ti which I recommend.

Furthermore, I love the wave. I've never had problems deploying it and it's very fast.
This is a production knife with an overbuilt custom feel to it.

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JAson Yang
I also love the wave. There's really no other knife like it.

I did have a problem with the lockup however. As I have noted before in another thread, the violent snap open feature on the Commander has overtime developed a bit of play on the blade.

The Commander has a terrific grip, including a sharp pointy butt end. The edge is fantastic, best factory folder edge I have.

I should caution that the Commander has a rather obtuse point. While it can stab, it's not the best in the business in this regard.
FWIW the Commander looks best with a black blade IMHO. Go for the all black look.

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