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Is the Skarb test complete?-For JOE

Oct 6, 1999
Joe, have you completed the Skarb testing that you started in October? The little bit you let out sounded positive? Thanks

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Not to speak for Joe, but I am sure when he has come to a conclusion he will make a post to that effect. Last time I discussed this with him he had several related blade evaluation projects on his plate that he was wrapping up. From past reviews he has written they tend to be very detailed and comprehensive, this does take time.


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Thanks Cliff. I'll also apologize, real life has gotten in the way of my hobby time in a big way, so I've been behind on my reviews for months. Most of them are written in my head already, I just have to sit down and write them. I barely been finding time to sit down, run through the forums, and post a short reply here or there. Why didn't you guys tell me how much of my free time a baby would take?!
Anyway, I needed a kick in the pants to get rolling ...