is there a way to "tighten" a kydex sheath?

Nov 10, 2004
i recently picked up the emerson/timberline aviator and i really hate the sheath. partly because the knife rattles in the kydez insert and partly because the sheath just plain sucks. is there a way to tighten the fit? i read an article in a magazine that mentioned molding kydex better by placing it in boiling water to reshape it, but it didnt go in to detail. has anyone done this? am i better off just trying to find a new sheath somewhere?


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Dec 14, 2001
If you have a heat gun you can easily make your sheath fit better/tighter.

Remember to heat only the portions you feel you need to inorder to make it fit more snug.
And don't overheat the kydex past 390F becuase it'll start to smoke. The smoke is HCL which remains on the kydex, and together with moisture from the air will corrode your knife to no end.
Take a piece of hard wood, and some foam maybe about half an inch thick. Glue the foam to the wood(or any hard and FLAT material).
Then heat(with the heat gun) where you need to, and immediately press firmly down on the knife using the foam/wood.
Heat on both sides slowly until it's just limp and flexible.

If you don't get it right the first time try it again, just don't over heat, once you see the bad smoke you need to throw away the sheath. And don't breath it in.

If you don't have a heat gun, you could possibly do it with a hairdryer, but the results won't be as good.

For best results you need to heat the kydex at exactly 370F.(some knifemakers and manufacturers haven't quite figured this out yet)

Good luck.
Jan 10, 2004
It is a good idea to wrap the blade with tape when you remold or the sheath will scratch your blade.
Jan 2, 1999
Be sure to do the heating outside or in a well ventilated area. Kydex gives off some toxic fumes when heated to molding temp. :barf: