Is There An Online Video...

Dec 22, 2004
... that will show how to use the sharpmaker? I know a video comes with a new one, but I`d like to see one demonstrated, before I lay my coinage down.
I`m such a cheap bast***. :^(
No online video I can remember seeing/reading about. :(
Ya don't really need a video to sharpen knives on it. It's so simple to use, it's stoopid simple. Just hold the blade upright and drag the edge down the stone and toward you.
Any village idiot could use it in a minute after unwrapping it and get great results. :eek:

I'm sure there are a few who don't care for it, but I can't recall any of the knife-a-holics here having anything bad to say about it.

I have one and use it daily. It's the most used sharpener in my house, and I own over a dozen different sharpening systems up to and including three belt grinders. :eek: :D
i made a short mpg showing the Sharpmaker in action. if you'd like it, i can send it to you over AOL IM, or something similar, but i can't fit all 23MBs on my webspace. if anyone wants to host it for a day or two, so you can get it, they can e-mail me at "killed at cox dot net"

abe m.
misque pretty much sums this up. The Spydie video is great for curing insomnia but the Sharpmaker works, has done a beautiful job on my Microtech S-30-V steel, and Chris Reeve 3V, as well as more pedestrian Kershaw and Colt 'beaters'.

Without the somewhat expensive diamond rods, it's not the preferred system for fixing really screwed-up edges, but for working on good to slightly dull knives it is really excellent.

Everything everybody says about it is true. I just got mine a couple weeks ago and haven't used anything else since.
I've sharpened freehand for several years and after trying the sharpmaker I bought one, its very easy to use. But if you want to see the video, I'll try to make you a copy if you'd like.
I appreciate all the replies, you folks are great. It looks my 3 stone gatco is going to get some competition.
I`m going for a sharpmaker and if anyone notices anything unusual flying in the air... its just the moths coming out of my wallet. :D