Is there any hope for emerson owners?

Aug 15, 2000
After reading tons of quality problems with Emersons, I was wondering how many of you LOVE Emerson knives. I have noticed quite a few people complain about blade play and other VERY serious quality issues.
But more importantly, I wonder how good of a job Emerson does in repairing knives that are sent in to get adjusted. If I do get an Emerson, I would at least like the satisfaction of knowing that I can send it to get it "done up right". Thanks!

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Hi Pergatory- I happen to enjoy Emersons knives and I have never had a problem with any of them so I have never had to send anything back to be done up.
But, my question to you is;
If you have read about tons of people having serious problems with Emersons knives, why would you even consider getting one ??

I want a commander. What I don't want, however, is a sloppy lockup. I think Pergatory, like me, would be willing to purchase an Emerson, despite the negative comments, if we were assured the knife could be made right at the factory. I know it's a pain to send a knife in, it wastes my time and the manufacturer's time, but it might be worth it to have the knife I want in the condition I want it.

I have a CQC-6 and I don't know how many production Emerson's and I have never had a problem with any of them. A SARK now rides in my right front pocket all the time and no problems. I can only conclude what we are hearing are the comments of a few vocal minority that have had legitimate problems with thier knives. Dick
Does Emerson have QC issues? Sure they do - what knifemaker doesn't? You always get some bad apples - nothing is ever perfect. I have had zero problems with the Emersons I own - and I trust them to do their job when called upon, be that cut open a box, or protect me. This trust derives from Ernie's reputation, his stance on his product, the number of LEO and military people who use his knives, some of my fellow Suspects, who have actually used an Emerson in real world situations, and my OWN experiences with the knives.

In short, I love 'em, and I've never had problems with 'em.

Of course, that's just MY opinion - I could be wrong. - Dennis Miller

Quit often we see postings about "Quality Issues". Hell, do a search and you'll find posting about nearly ever manufacturer here.

As Chris says, have a few lemons slipped through the cracks, sure, but that can happen with any manufacturer or any kind of product. Hell I once received an AR15 from a respected gun maker with one wing missing off the front sight. Someone had to screw the front sight into the rifle, so you think they would catch something like that. It happens.

While I love the forums, sometimes they become "National Enquirer" like. Any twelve year old with a computer can post anything they want with relative anonymity. Then there are "Trolls" who's specific purpose in life is to create a controversy in an attempt to get reactions. Sort of like kids poking sticks into ant mounds to watch the ants run around panicking.

Personally, I own more then a few Emerson products. (I also own many knives from a variety of manufacturers) I have been extremely happy with each and every one of them.

I would suggest that if your interested in getting a knife from Emerson, get on. If (big "if" here) there is a problem, by all means afford EKI the opportunity to make the knife right.

Here is a snip from a post I made not too long ago:

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Has anyone else noticed the "Naysayer" pig piles that go on here on the Internet? I could post a string called "My (insert popular knife here) gave me worts" and thirty people would swear their's did the same thing and further that it caused degenerative bone lose.

One maker rep I was talking with put it pretty well. "One guy would post that his 'model name' had a defect in the lock. Alright, sure, it can happen. Then twenty people would jump in screaming about their knife having the same problem. The whacky thing is, we may have had two or three knives returned for this problem in the history of our company and here are twenty people screaming with the same problem. OK, maybe a bad run, it happens. I say 'Call me, here's the 800 number, we'll make it right' . . . . no calls, no returns, no nothing. A week later someone mentions a loose pivot on his 'model name', then the same twenty people scream that their knife has exactly the same problem. Again we do the 'call me, we'll fix it . . . "

Give 'em a try, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

I am 5-0 for quality problems with Emmies. Never had a problem with any, except that it takes a lot of thumb strength to disengage the liner lock. I wish a lot more brands shared this "problem"

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If it helps, we've only had one Emerson returned this year (from many, many sold) due to a quality problem. In my opinion it wasn't even a problem. It was a change in adjustment so that the liner lock on the Commander would have more room for wear over time. They all seem to have this characteristic now. I suspect you hear about the problems but don't hear about the statements of satisfaction to the same degree. Just looking at the numbers for us, I'd say Emerson's quality control is as good as that of any of the major tac folder manufacturers. If you want quality perfection, you can always turn to a company like Chris Reeve. If that blows your budget, I feel confident that you could be happy with an Emerson product on your first attempt. Take care.

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Rather than listen to all the "bad press" that EKI (and other makers) receives, take a look around and see how many people carry the words "Usual Suspect" in their sig lines.
Go to the Emerson Forum and read all the positive stuff, there are a whole LOAD of people who have several Emerson knives and have never had any problem at all!

John makes a great point about the "naysayers" among us, and I suspect that often those naysayers are posting these things simply because they don't have anything ELSE to contribute. It would be interesting to go do a long search and find all the "Knife Problem" threads for the last few months and see how many times the same people jump in and say, "YEAH! ME TOO!" no matter what brand or model of knife is being described.
They're either the unluckiest people on earth or they're just chiming in for the sake of something to say.

Buy that Commander, if there's something wrong with it, EKI will make it right, if they still won't make it right, there's a load of people that will happily take it off your hands for you, but don't let the naysayers and doom criers keep you from buying a GREAT knife!

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Thanks for the info.
It is greatly appreciated.
And, Chief Dignitary, You hit the nail right on the head!!! again!!!!
I got my first commander last week i have read all the info on the forums good and bad i just had to get one and i am very happy i did... i love this knife sure the blade screw came loose big deal a little loctite and that was that i think a lot of the blade line up and play problems can be traced right back to the loose screw i see no problem with that at all this knife is made to come apart in the field mine locks up good and feels even better in my hand for a knife that cost less than 170.00 i say get one if you don,t like it someone would buy it in the forum before you could even finnish writing the ad
i sent a letter to Emerson yesterday cause i wanted to change mine to a lefty they got back to me first thing this morning thats pretty good in my book

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