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is there any internet sites showing info on al-mar fix blades.

Jul 20, 1999
hi there, it seem that i can't find any knives regarded sites showing info on al-mar fixed blades. hope u'all can help me by providing some useful sites.

thank a million
Keeping up with Al Mar is pretty tough isn't it? If I'm not mistaken, the only Al Mar fixed blade currently available is the Chris Reeve collaboration. That and a few folders and a cigar knife are about it at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if you can find some Al Mar fixed blades in the inventories of some dealers but there isn't much currently available. That's why you aren't finding much. Good luck with the quest.

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I ujst found a German web site that lists and sells quite a few Al Mars both fixed and folding Toolshop.com is the address.Don't know how to include the direct url here. The funny part of this site is they seem to have renamed some of the large fixed blades from SERE to SOF.They also feature a hollow handled large survival knife that I haven't seen around for years and Mars version of the Applegate to.If you can't get in email me I do know how to send the url that way.