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Is there such an animal as a custom multi-tool?

Feb 3, 2001
Hello guys it's me ready to be a pain in the a** again!
I am still trying to decide what to buy as a first custom. Then I wondered does any custom maker build multi-tools? Does any one come close? Would any one buy or use a custom multi-tool? Could a custom maker even do a small volume multi-tool? Thanks for the responses. And as fun as it is, the Gerber build your own multi-tool website doesn't count.
That's an interesting question. The answer is probably no though. The cost of making a custom multitool would be astronomical. I haven't even seen very many handmade/custom scout knives. I did get to see Richard Rogers beautiful horseman's knife at last years Blade Show. I suppose it would sort of qualify as a multitool in a broad sense. You would have to be Sheik Yaboodie with your own stable of Arabians to use it, in my mind. If you find one, please let us know.
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Seen some custom made SAK type stuff. But no folding pliers.
Didn't Gerber have a sort of semi-custom option where you ordered a basic plier/handle and had the option of doing a limited mix and match to get the tool you wanted?

That is as close to a "Custom" as I am aware of, not custom as in hand made quality, but custom to the extent that you have limited design control.

www.gerberknives.com ... I think thats the website. You can pick between a few different tips, and a few different tool option, and color of you handles...

It's pretty cool, I bought one for a friend once...

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