Is this ADV knife a custom or a production?

Sep 19, 2002
It is the Moyo Mubi knife by Andre DeVilliers over on Knifeart.

Also, any comments on this knife by anyone with first hand experience. I really like the design and I'm thinking of doing some trading in order to raise cash for one.


Its a custom. Andre DeVilliers will only product that design with that combo of materials for them. DeVilliers makes a very nice knife too.
Darn good-looking knife. I like how he treated the scales to be a close, but not exact fit. Intentional.


I used to have a Set of Devilliers knives(1 fixed,1 folder),they were nearly Identical to the Moyo Mubi except they were Satin finished.The Fit and Finish are Excellent.The Grinds were Perfect-the folder had a Great lockup,and opened as smooth as Any custom folder I've ever owned.I was thinking about picking up the Moyo for an EDC.From my experience with Andre's knives,You can't go wrong. :cool:
That knife is haunting me like a siren it keeps calling out. Part of my problem it that I have been trying and trying to capture an Obenauf knife with no success and that void is calling to be filled. I'm going to inventory and organize my knives tonight and see what can go on the chopping block to help fund the ADV. Probably as soon as I buy that knife I'll get an Obie in my sights. Maybe that is just what I need though, because the wife has given me the ok to flip new money for an Obie if it shows its timid self.

(rubbing hands together and plotting)

Thanks to listening to my rant.

Here we go. :p

It all depends on what you consider to be a custom knife. If you consider any knife made by a custom maker to be a custom then that is what this is. If only one-of, made to order knives fit your definition of custom then this is not a custom knife.

Is every part of this knife made by Andre DeVilliers, or have some of the parts been farmed out? This is something I don't know the answer to, I am just speculating. If some of the parts have been farmed out then this would be a midtech knife. The only way it would be a production knife is if almost all the work was outsourced. This is definitely not a production knife.
Hi Keith,

You make a good point. The same could be said for all those knife makers who send their knives out for heat treating. Do you feel those are mid-tech knives as well?