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Is this blade damage on ZT0456?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Weasipoint, Dec 13, 2020.

  1. Weasipoint

    Weasipoint Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Aug 8, 2019
    Hi all!
    Just got a ZT0456 as a gift and had a question about the blade. I've only used it to cut open one box, and it looks like that scratched the blade? Ive tried to remove the lines but they are deep. Is it possible to scratch metal that good with only cardboard? Ive beaten up some of my other zt's and they still look like almost new. Overall this knife is amazing and quickly becoming a main rotation carry, just seemed odd that something so light could actually damage it
    Thank you all in advance for any ideas and hope everyone has great and safe holidays!
  2. Hackenslash

    Hackenslash Don't feed the Trolls Platinum Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Was the knife new when you got it?
    Is there a chance the scratch was there before?
    Cardboard shouldn’t be able to do that to hardened steel.
    Either way, the 0456 is a great knife and that scratch won’t affect its function.
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  3. soc_monki

    soc_monki Basic Member Basic Member

    Apr 5, 2019
    Cardboard can have some nasty stuff in it, and some of it can easily scratch a blade. I have many blades with scratches from cardboard. Doesn't phase me, I just use them and welcome any wear they do get.
  4. Weasipoint

    Weasipoint Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Aug 8, 2019
    It was new when I got it and perfect out of the box, I went through it the day it came in. Doesnt turn me off from the knife, still love it, just didn't know if it was possible to scratch like that
  5. BigKurtHaze


    Aug 2, 2015
    Hard to tell from the pic, but it almost looks like tape residue that would wipe off with rubbing alcohol?
  6. TROB


    Sep 15, 2016
    You used it to cut open a box.....like you cut packing tape with it?
    It looks like tape residue to me. And it looks like there’s even a little bit of residue hanging off the edge that continues along the same line as the ‘scratch’. Did you try hitting it with goof off or acetone?

    Last edited: Dec 13, 2020
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  7. SpyderPhreak

    SpyderPhreak Rocketman for hire Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Tape residue. Acetone.
  8. JJ_Colt45

    JJ_Colt45 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 11, 2014
    I would agree it looks like something that should come off with rubbing alcohol.
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  9. Basp2005


    Dec 6, 2015
    Have you tried rubbing alcohol yet?
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  10. Weasipoint

    Weasipoint Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Aug 8, 2019
    I have not tried any alcohol wipes yet, I'm out right now but will get some tomorrow and try that, hopefully thats it. Yep just cut a box open that had packing tape. Appreciate everyone responding, will let you know if the alcohol works
  11. Bigfattyt

    Bigfattyt Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 23, 2007
    Id guess you hit a staple in the cardboard. I've done this on boxes i was breaking down that did not appear to have staples in them.
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  12. Gary W. Graley

    Gary W. Graley “Imagination is more important than knowledge" Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 2, 1999
    Or some WD40 will remove tape residue as well
    Nice knife btw
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  13. MolokaiRider

    MolokaiRider Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 13, 2017
    I agree, there even appears to have some residue on the edge.
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  14. CWL


    Sep 15, 2002
    Looks like tape residue to me too, however, if they turn out to be scratches, it was probably caused by silica embedded in the cardboard.
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  15. skyhorse

    skyhorse Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    That looks tape goop, happens all the time when opening packages. This is edge damage from a combination of too low edge geometry and heavy cardboard. It sharpened right out and all is good. :)
  16. Weasipoint

    Weasipoint Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Aug 8, 2019
    Thank you all for the advice! Alcohol wipe and a little finger nail and came right off. When I originally tried to wipe it off with a little water it didn't do anything so was thinking they were deeper and cuts, glad its not the case!
  17. BillZee


    Apr 30, 2020
    I'm confused.....if you buy a knife to use........how can you expect it to remain in new, never used condition?
  18. Alberta Ed

    Alberta Ed

    Jun 29, 1999
    That's a beautiful knife. All my knives are users, and each cosmetic scratch or blemish just adds to their character.
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  19. Dallas T

    Dallas T Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 6, 2013
    Leave cardboard for razors my opinion, cardboard is vey abrasive.
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  20. Weasipoint

    Weasipoint Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Aug 8, 2019
    Oh no I don't except it to stay in perfect condition, i was just curious how a metal so strong had seemed to be scratched that easily. I carry and use all my knives and they show it, but this was unexpected and I was wondering about it
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