Is this Heaven?!

Since I discovered the knife forum about a week ago I have been overwhelmed! Knife nut heaven! I really want to say how much I appreciate the efforts of the people who maintain the site!
The forums have been enlightening and help that I have recieved from members has been first class-special thanks to phantom4 and Mike Turber!
Long may it continue!


I know what you mean, MJ! My wife's not quite as thrilled with this place as WE are, however... heh heh.... especially the forums that offer blades for SALE!!

I've read whatever I could on the subject of knives, since I was a kid, but I've learned more from the last month HERE than I'd perviously learned in my lifetime.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
You might as well call in sick from work and take the next few days/weeks to catch up on the reading!

Recommend using the search feature to find info on any knives you are interested in, it'll save a lot of time and really bring up some interesting posts.

Also some great hints on how to explain to the wife/girlfriend where all those new knives came from...

Enjoy, I was in tech shock for the first two weeks after finding this place, it's pretty handy!


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I wholeheartedly agree. That search feature has kept me up for MANY hours at night.. There's some great reading!

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Close anyway.

But you're right, this place is great.

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Yea. Big ups to the big guys!!! I second the whole thing MJ, and hope you gain as much from this as I do!

For knifes nuts this is the place to be.

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Ditto all the above.

There is a ton of knife knowledge on this forum, and you will learn a lot about other things too.

The format and members are a class act!

Downside!!! - Be prepared to get even more enthuised about cutlery and spend even more on it! You'll find items you "gotta" have even though you never even knew about them before you came here!