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Is this knife the real deal?

Dec 22, 1999
I'm looking at shelling out the green stuff for an Emerson Commander. Does anyone know any good or bad Information on this knife? I have a Benchmade stryker in M2 steel and a Benchmade Axis lock right now. From what I've heard this knife is just the best. Info. please? Or maybe another suggestion for around the same price range if the knife is no good.
Hi Mr. Durtschi!

I got a Commander and i love it! it's THE carry folder(for me)just can't let it go.
It feels very good in the hand and cuts x-tremely well and is soooo quick to deploy.

Only negative i heard is that Emerson has some problems with quality check, make sure you get a good specimen, i don't think you'll ever regret it!
I got another Commander on it's way, i need to have one in reserve should i ever lose mine, it haven't happend yet, knock on wood, and i crawled around alot this summer clearing mines and blowing up UXO in Bosnia.

Get one!

Let us know what you decided!
Be well!/2Sharp aka Jonas

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I have a Commander that I am fixing to send back. The blade has significant blade play. I tried to tighten up the pivot. that helped a little, but not much. They are good knives, but their does seem to be some QC issues. My suggestion is to physically inspect before you buy, or buy from an internet dealer that will inspect it for you.

I also believe their are better knives out there for the money.

Dennis Bible
I've had a Commander for a couple of months now and I can see pros and cons.

Cons-It's a little pricy IMO
-The tip is very strong, but not much
good for any fine work.
-It is a little big in your pocket
-The pivot pin tends to back off
-QC is not consistant

Pros-One deadly looking knife!
-The wave feature is incredible!
-Sharp as anything!
-If the QC is good, tough as nails!

As you can see, I think the pros outweigh the cons. But it's just my opinion. The others are all right aobut one thing though-handle one in person if you can. Hope this helps.

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It is a nice knife, but for that much money I would make the stretch into a Sebenza.

I know of some good deals in Spokane, I live in CDA and work in Spokane. I will be at House of Cutlery in the Northtown Mall tonight, I work there. I would email you, but your email does not show.
Marion David Poff aka Eye mdpoff@hotmail.com
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An interesting business oppurtunity... http://www.geocities.com/selouss

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The Commander gets raves from a lot of people. I would point out just a couple things. First, it's got a deeply recurved blade, so it will difficult to sharpen -- if you're not a competent sharpener, you'll need to develop a little skill. Second, the point is not the sharpest. I tend to like good sharp points, so the Commander wouldn't be for me. Neither of those are flaws, just features to be aware of. Other than that, everyone I've talked to says the blade performs very well for slicing, and the handle is good and comfortable.

Personally, given the fact that you have an Axis already, I don't know why you'd be looking at a liner lock! Especially with the choice of Axis 710, the Mel Pardue Axis, and the upcoming Elishewitz Ares-type Axis.