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Is your chisle edge a "righty" or "lefty"?

Dec 21, 2000
This is something I've allways wondered about. If you are going to purchase a chisle ground knife or make one for that matter, which side would you want the grind on? Does the dominant hand play an important factor in the equation? If it does, what about when you use the knife in a reverse grip? What about when you slash across the body going fom dominant side to weak? Would'nt that change the direction of the grind? This is confusing! Help!!!!!!
my emerson CQC-7 is a lefty and i'm a righty but doesnt seem to matter in gen'l use

I'll set you straight!!

For a general user type knife, if you are right handed you want the flat side to be the left side of the blade and the ground side on the right side of the blade. This will keep your cuts straighter and such. Vice versa for lefties.

If you are making a FIGHTER, it makes sense to have the grinds switched, if you are prone to making inside slashes. That way the flad side of the knife, if you are a righty, will be down and your cuts will be better.

If you want the knfie to cut super duper with either hand, get it double ground.

If you are a reverse gripper, figure out whether you do more inside slashes or outside slashes and make sure the grind is set up so that the flat side will be down when you slash.

One advantage of a chisel grind for fighters is that the wound channel created with a stab is irregular and less prone to close in on itself. Take a dagger or a dropped point or something liek that and stab a piece of cardboard. The "hole" is an oval shape and if it were a person, the wound would close up easily. With a chisel ground "tanto" stab, the wound will be less likely to do this.

Did this help?

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Thanks Crayola!
That makes alot of sense. I guess it all depends on what you will use it for. So basically if it's general utility put the grind on the right side,(if you're right handed). If it's a fighter, put it on the left side, Considering being right handed. Thanks again!
BINGO! That is about it! By the way, it is worth the effort to get a piece of cardboard and push your knives through it in to get a great visual reference for what different geometries will do.

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