Isn't this the best feeling in the world?

Dec 9, 2000
When someone asks, "does anyone have a knife?" And your the first one to pull one out?
It's even better when they don't even ask that, they just come straight to you cuz they know you always have one! It's also kind of funny, and a little scary to watch them try and close your liner locking folder.
And then the look:
"what, there are other knives than Victorinox?!?"
It's funny how the people who gasp and ask why in the world are you carrying a knife, are always the ones to come and ask you for yours when they need it.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by callahwj:
When someone asks, "does anyone have a knife?" And your the first one to pull one out?</font>

Most of the time, yes. Then, there are the times when they need a knife, dont't have a knife, and look at you with "that look" because you _did_ have one. As my range buddy often says "What kind of man doesn't carry a knife?"
I was visiting a neighbor, and as I walked in front of the chair he was sitting on, he spotted my knife clip, and before I knew it he had my MT socom DA out and was admiring it. He'd a made a good pick-pocket.
I didn't even know he was into knives.
I like to wait till someone gets out their swissy and starts to "attempt" to pull out the blade. Just about that time I flick out the full size M-16 in about a 1/10 of a second and hand it to them. The knife is deployed, used, refolded and back in my pocket before the swissy's blade ever sees the sunlight. Now that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But, arinvolvo, what do you do when you need to tighten a screw or lift a cap off a cold bottle of beer!?
Screwdrivers work pretty good on screws and as for beer, well hold the bottle firmly, find a hard right angle ledge (concrete or metal) carefully move the bottle into position so that the edge of the cap is resting on the lip of the ledge and bring your other hand down sharply smacking the cap.
Preso, it's open!
Must disagree.......

The fourth bestest ~ takin' a hot shower after being in the field for 4 or 5 days sweatin' your nad's off !

The third bestest ~ kickin' back with several ice cold Heineken's after being in the field for several weeks !

The second bestest ~ watching a bad ass run after you've just shown him how a freshly lubed-up auto snaps open!

AND the number one bestest and greatest ~ (have to agree with PhilL) <font size="4" color="#FF0000">SEX !</font>

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Some one else once brought this one up, but someone in a room full of people shouts "who has a knife" and everyone else in the room takes a step back and looks at you!
I used to do this until I noticed that some folks stared at me with new-found fear that I may be some closet Rambo-wannabe. Especially since a tragic and highly publicized incident last year when some nutcase went amok with a parang and slashed up half a dozen people on an express bus.

These days, unless I know the people around me well, I just keep my knives sheathed and reach for my snap-off cutter. A bit sad really, but some people have their minds firmly set on knives as "weapons" and don't want to hear otherwise.

Sorry to spoil the tone of the post. I still dream of a day when we can just whip out our knives without fear.


"Praise not the day until evening has come;a sword until it is tried; ice until it has been crossed; beer until it has been drunk" - Viking proverb

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Best feeling in the world: watching four lunatics walk off because in order to continue trying to kill the guy now behind you, they'd have to go through you and your knife first...and they decided not to.