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It can't be true ?

Nov 16, 1998
I was just told that I eat, drink, talk & sleep knives. Basically a one blade mind I was told.

Is there something wrong with this? I think about other things also other than knives. Can't come up with them right now though, but I do. Really!

Is there a medical term for this type of obsession other than addiction?

Just curious is all!


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People

There is no official medical label for this malady, but there is a cure. Stick your head in a bucket of water and take a deep breath. Cures hiccups too.

David Rock
There is a medical term for this:
sharpomaniac Crazy about all this sharp.

Probably afflicts over 80% of all forum members, maybe more but I haven't read all the studies yet.


Infectious Blade-a-citis is the Latin term. I myself have had a long bout with this insidious affliction. It starts with a few extra bucks in the pocket. As I get nearer the knife store I get overcome with feverish thoughts of which one I will buy. My pulse races...a cold sweat and clammy hands follow...I can't decide....please...help...I turn to my friend and plead " I need to borrow a hundred..just till payday". Finally my fever breaks...pulse is back to normal..I bought both of them...
Mark...There is nothing wrong with this affliction!! It is good, it is organic, and completely uncureable!! I was wondering who was telling you this? Possibly your spouse?
Well just tell them you could possibly be infected with the automobileitis, which is a much bigger habit
The cure is unknown for this, but it eases with the purchase of more steel! Its solid. Turn around 3 times and face North. You will feel the force.
The first step to the cure is admitting you have a problem...Ok you have a problem!
Bartman, you are right! The wife said this, even my kids have mentioned it more than once ... hey just wait, once my twin boys get there share of these knives, I am sure they will come down with this illness, too.

I think it is passed down from one generation to the next. In my case, I am the first generation in my family to come down with particular disease!




I like sharpomaniac.

But, we can't exclude the sharpening empaired here. After all, we have all been there at one time or another! I too was once a knife nut who was sharpening empaired. Through much sharpening therapy I have managed to at least partially overcome that empairment.
Your sharpomania may be caused by a not-so-rare knifoma of your frontal lobe. Characteristic behaviors include some or all of the following symptoms:
1) Purchase of knives in inordinate quantities.
2) Insistance on using "real" knives in the kitchen (i.e. Ontario survival machete to peel potatoes).
3) Propensity to asking every person with a knife clip sticking out of their pocket what their favorite daily carry is.
4) A paranoid fear of being attacked at any time, and therefore, not even going to the grocery store without 1/2 dozen knives or so strapped to your person (see #5).
5) Inability to go into a public place without the following: a neck knife, a deep concealment Kydex system holding a small self-defense knife, an SAK, a Leatherman, a Spyderco Endura, Benchmade Stryker, and possibly a sword or several other folders of your choice.
6) Frequently calling local businesses to see if they carry Micarta or Kydex in large quantities.
7) Spending more time in the "library" with the latest issue of Blade than you would with the latest issue of Playboy.

I feel sorry for you, but I can commiserate. If you want to get over your addiction, please continue to purchase knives, but send them to me instead of fueling your obsession!
You know, this brings to mind ... I wonder how many manufactures, distributors, dealers, etc. have this addition or illness? Or, are they just in it for the money?

Maybe they started out with this disease and it progressed so bad that they had to turn it into their business or is it that they just prey on our weakness to make the buck? Hmmmmm, I wonder ...


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People

The "Sharpomania syndrome" began to show itself when I was around 8, it began with pieces of scrap metal and a bench grinder. (the knives looked more like a prison shiv than anything) It went into remission while I was a firefighter, just axes and a Buck 110. Then my wife gave me a bowie knife kit and it lead to another, then a belt grinder, and an oven to heat treat. I eventually talked her into hocking the house for tooling. Yes, it's an addiction, but don't look for a cure.

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!