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it is now on a par with my C16

Jan 9, 1999
Well all the pissing and moaning,done by me over the past couple of weeks about my AXIS, is now history. I can honestly say I have gotten the edge on my AXIS to where it compares very favorably with my C16. It is without a doubt hair poppin and hair flinging sharp. The test I have been doing is to see if I can shave a piece of newpaper on one side only without putting to much pressure on the blade to allow it to go through. Well mission accomplished! and in spades. I can now rest just the weight of the blade and move it very slightly forward on the newsprint and it will peel the first layer off cleanly and effortsly, on both sides of the edge cantle. It grabs big time when running it down my arm and the hairs literally fling off. I have whittled fuzz sticks for my fireplace from aged silver maple with absolutley 0 wear on the blade edge. I also took a nice piece about 3.5" in dameter(I measured it) and proceeded to chop and tear through it with big long cuts from the base of the recurve forward and the knife blade was still hair shaving sharp. Talk about feeling solid in the hand. I did the same thing with my C16 after I had sharpened to where I like it so I figured the test should be similar. Anyways I am now a beliver in the AXIS. This knife was on a par with the custom knives I got to handle and view yesterday at a local gunshow. Thanks to everyone for all the advise and encouragement in this time of trouble for me and my Benchmade. Can't believe myself, a grown man, would get this excited about a knife and getting it sharp. Go figure and watch yer top knots.