It is time once again....Spyderco Military


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Oct 14, 1998
This is the plain version. Designed by Sal Glesser whom the forum agrees is a very, very sexy man.

This is the largest folder I've ever owned, and my first experience with a G-10 handle and CPM 440V.

This liner is tight in set up. The only other linerlock I've ever had is the BM Tsunami. The opening is tight and the package is very light.

I agree with James Mattis in that the knife will fly out of your hand before that lock gives. The new improvements of the choil, filework, and opening hole are excellent.
I wear Hatch Gloves and there was virtually no snag. Just a little on the liner but easily relieved.

Carry is good, I like tip up myself and I can see why one would want a smaller version.
Fred Perrin states that thrusting with the edge up is preferable. I disagree, the liner would rub nasty against your thumb.

I admit, I expected a heavy, really wide knife with rough handles. I got a light, fast, sharp, intensive use package.

CPM 440V is impressive. The knife goes well with the Moran and the Busse Mean Street.

Opening feels relatively the same however you flick it. Slices are slightly better than push cuts with this knife.

Well, there you have it. Get one.

Designed by Sal Glesser whom the forum agrees is a very, very sexy man

Ooh, now I'm gonna have nightmares...

Glad you are now a Military Man, Smoke
Enjoy your new toy.

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Dex, it's from the sketch from Saturday Night Live 'The How Do You Say Ah Yes Show" with Antonio Banderas.

Spark knows what I mean.LOL
Yes, welcome Smoke. My Military is my favorite folder.

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