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Italian and Muela knives on the Net: second try.

Mar 29, 1999
Dear Falcenberg,

when you write a post in the forum, please take care to read what you wrote. This to avoid to give the impression to be completely stoned (dumb, idiot, etc.)

Your sincerely,

Falcenberg (yes, I am used to talk myself).

Old message:

There it is: the first site I annouced you about Italian knives (and from Spain, like Muela) is now working. Only some pages (Gladius) are under construction.

I am sorry for the small images. I hope more will come soon.

Another site has to be on the way (FOX), I'll post as soon as it will be available.


P.S.: I am sorry, it seems it is in Italian. I hope they will make at least the English version.

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The Italian and "Muela" Spanish knives look really nice, they have a good visual appeal. In the July, 1999 Tactical Knives Muela received a good review for the amount of knife they provide at the price they charge. I know some spanish, not great, but enough to get by and I understand a little of the italian as well. Does anybody know about these knives? They all appear to be made from either 440A or 440B. Also what is the currancy exchange to U.S. funds as these knives are probably an excellent deal?
I noted the same thing about steel, and I am waiting some news from the owner of the Prezioso Cutlery himself.

To know the exchange rate, you can try