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its been a while coming ! ww2 !

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by seth, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. seth


    Apr 23, 2008
    ok i admit, its taken too long.. and i still dont have many pics of this khuk, and yes its still my only one (for now.. i want 3 more ww2's)

    i got my khuk in july, and it kept its pretty polish for all in 2 hours... what a solid chunk of beauty !!! i remember opening the box and just trying to fathom what on earth would possess someone to make a knife so thick, so large, i mean.. my first impression of it was an axe that got mutated !!!

    it never got razor sharp.. i mean, it would knock some hair off my arm no problem, but the edge profile was just too thick i believe to really get a razor edge onto it, i pondered complaining because on the forum, some guys just seem to get that lazer sharpness that i was craving, but then i thought to myself, wait.. what do i need razor sharp for, this thing will lop through an 8 inch wide coconut in one swing !!! (no pics, but i should get some)

    it could be sitting up on my shelf still, with a metal polish/preservative on the blade so it doesnt loose its shine, but honestly, this blade was made to be used, and it has quickly become my hiking companion of choice.. what was once in my opinion a big chunk of metal, good for chopping heavy stuff, has now become an extremely useable knife design, i mean honestly, ive never used a blade that chops quite like this !!!.

    i will however point out that it absolutely hates casurina... every attempt ive made on casurina branches thicker than my leg have ended with edge rolling, maybe the HT wasnt quite there, i'll give it a try with another khuk next time i get one, but in all honesty, that wood is miserably hard, my uncle has a landscape company and whenever he has to do any trimming of casurina trees, he rents chainsaws instead of using his own.

    anyways, its been used heavily, the edge has taken a beating (i always take my time to restore a good cutting edge) the point has been used to dig, its traveled miles with me, its my 3 and a half year old nephews favourite thing in the world, its got a rough looking patina, but, more importantly, its my khuk and i love it !!!

    a few pics, i'll add more to the thread im sure.

    taking a break from clearing a path into a gully, i swear i just tapped it into the tree, but it has a mind of its own and seems to have been created to cut things.


    it took part in helping me and my nephew build his first ever shelter !!! this is why i should never be asked to do any gardening


    actually, the only manmade impliment i used in the creation of this shelter was my khukri, the wood frame is held together by long strips of palm branches, cut thin enough, it makes for some really strong cordage.


    approval, this kid goes on 2 mile hikes with me already, and is quite adept at making his way up some fairly steep rocky inclines, future khuk knut for sure


    this is an older pic, when i first made my baldric rig, teaching zack what the karda is, location? 5 minutes walk from my house

  2. Abaniko


    Jun 2, 2006
    Life looks pretty good :cool:. Great pix:thumbup:
  3. Sharp Knives 86

    Sharp Knives 86

    Oct 27, 2009
    Nice review and nice pics. I got my WWII less than a week ago and I love it. What length is yours?
  4. seth


    Apr 23, 2008
    thanks, i do have more pics i just cant find them right now, its a 16 inch, actually its a tad over 16, about 1/8th extra
  5. pugs75

    pugs75 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 21, 2009
    Great post Seth, I also have a WWII and love it. Love the photos:thumbup:
  6. kukulza28


    Oct 11, 2008
    awesome, nice to place a kukri AND faces with a forum name. :thumbup:
  7. Steely_Gunz

    Steely_Gunz Got the Khukuri fevah Moderator

    May 9, 2002
    Great pics and review:)

    Thanks so much. The 18" WWII was my second khuk and probably still sees the most camping use of all my khuks.
  8. Cpl Punishment

    Cpl Punishment

    Jan 28, 2006
    Great pics and review.

    Man, I remember for a long time, i was the biggest naysayer on kukris. I couldn't see how they could perform anything like my beloved hatchets, or have the handling of a nice, big knife.

    After I got mine, and it tried to lop through my leg on my first follow-through (follow-through on a tree, no less), and kill me by impaling me on the tree stump as I fell, I lay there in amazement. I listened as the blade laughed at me for a while, and can't seem to leave for the woods without it anymore.

    I guess Uncle Bill said we don't choose a kukri, a kukri chooses us, this one chose me. Looks like yours chose you.
  9. seth


    Apr 23, 2008
    it definately chose me.. it took a while for me to get used to the idea of swinging around something as heavy as this.. im so used to machetes that i was scared to admit that something shorter than a machete would intimidate me so much. its not the best blade on light stuff like tall grass, it kinda just tries to beat its way through like a heavyweight boxer.
  10. seth


    Apr 23, 2008

    the khuk for rough shaping, the smaller knife (a 1950's solingen blade in a lignum vitae handle) for the hollowing out... i guess you can use a 2 lb knife for detailed work !
  11. iBlade


    Jul 24, 2008
    you sure live in a sweet location dude!

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