It's just about knife giveaway time!!!!

Jan 18, 1999
Well, not only one good knife this time, but two!! The end of the month is approaching fast. Who thinks they're going to win this time? If Yekim wins again (that is possible, right?), he'll have to give up at least one of his knives. Yek, you just can't take them all from us!
It is possible for a person to win twice. I also think I may have a new way to pick a winner but until then I think the way I am doing it now is very fair.

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Don't mind me, but what give away???
What do you have to do??
As you can see I'm still a Junior Member.


Hey 40X - you're already qualified for the monthly drawing. All you have to do is to make at least one post during the month! Good luck.


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Don't much as it would pain me to give up a knife, if I were to win again, I would likely ask for another number drawing. Not that the Puuko and the A1 don't interest me, they do, and I might just sprout more gray hairs if I was to win the Carnivour that is next month's prize. I want that sooo bad my teeth hurt, but letting someone else have a chance is the gentlemanly thing to do. Besides that, I am still extremely happy with the Cetan. It is going to be a while before the "cool" wears off of this knife....if it ever does...

I'm not sure if this has been explained anywhere, but is the probability of winning proportional to the number of posts made in a month? Or do you just make a list of all members (and junior members) who have posted at least once, and then pick one at random?


You should be able to spell Carnivour before you can win it.
I think that it would be pretty difficult to tire of the Cetan, too. So, I'm just going to have to get one of those sometime!

Brett: As far as I know it doesn't matter how often you post. (Would be a bad idea too, you'll get people posting just to increase their chances, resulting in quantity instead of quality. just MHO of course)

Greetings, Eelco
Does it increase my chances of winning if I tell you thank I think you are a great guy and that your contributions to the knife industry as a whole have been wonderfully significant?

I gotta try,
Hey All!
I'm new, so I thought I'd just let you know. I'm a budding knife collector, still in high school, though I am homeschooled. I was given a box of about 30-40 knives by a friend of my dad who collects knives. How does one determine the value of a knife, whether it would be OK to use it or not? Thanks

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Did anyone ever get an answer to Brett's question about whether the chances of winning are proportional to the number of posts?
I don't think it is...but I really am not in the know. As logical as it may seem (at first) to make it proportional, I think there is a MAJOR problem with such a system.

It encourages spam.

Anyone know for sure?


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Your chances of winning are not in any way affected by the number of posts you have made. We make a list of members each month who have made at least one post total, and from there, pick a winner from the numbers submitted by the members.

So, while we encourage you to post all you want, spamming the boards isn't going to get you a free knife. Making good, quality posts on the other hand helps keep this site open, increasing your chances of winning a knife down the line.


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Have either of these knives been reviewed on this forum? Either way I think that each month's winner has a duty to all of us who must live vicariously.

I just wanted to post to make sure I'm in the running for the knife give-away. I thought this had died out because there wasn't any news about it lately.

I won last month's knife(a Rob Simonich Tactical Tanto Cetan), and yes, I did review it. (Brief review: It kicks butt
). I do not recall whoch of the previous winners reviewed their knives. My review is in th reviews section under "CETAN!!!" might be a little ways down the list....

Can I reiterate how GREAT this knife giveawy is?

I live in NYC where the odds of winning the Lotto is like, 1 in 36,000,000. When I compare that to a 1 in 1600 (or so) chance of winning a knife every month....I have a reason to hope!

I love this!

I agree... this IS a great concept! Free knife!!! What could be better... a new toy, I mean tool, and it doesn't even drain the checking account!
AJ, AJ, AJ, I'm shocked at your greed. This has nothing to do with merely winning a knife.
This has to do with winning TWO knives!
Yekim, if you win, dibs on the Fallkniven!

"Barf, we're not just doing this for the money!"
"We're not?"
"No! . . . . We're doing this for a sh*tload of money!"