It's me again, the new guy...just bought...

Dec 15, 2000
Since I'm so lousy at choosing knives, (my Boker and Gerber choices were pretty much shot down,) I just decided to stick with my trusty Swiss Army Knives for now.

Infact, I was at the mall today, went into our local Cutlery shop, and bought a "Crock Stick" Universal Multi Sharpener. The girl behind the counter said this was the best and cheapest way to go.

My Swiss Army knives are now nasty sharp! Hehe.
It is nice to see that you are learning Gary!!! I hope you have one of your cheapie knives still. Hang onto it as it will be a good reminder to you of your uneducated knife knut past. I have my Frosts bowie with SURGICAL stainless steel blade painted brown stored away for me to laugh at. It was the first knife I bought and I use it as a model of what NOT to look for in a using knife!

Ceramic sharpeners are nice, as are SAKs. Merry Christmas to you.

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Glad to see you're sticking around Gary. Hang here long enough and you will learn a ton. Happy Holidays!


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Gary....gee what a great name
, you can't really go wrong with the SAK, great knives and tools, always carry two on me at any time, plus several in my bag or inside my jacket. They are a proven knife and have the stuff to stick around a long time!


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Gary don't let people convince you not to buy knives you like. Gerber and Boker both make quality knives in my opinion. I think alot of people here are use to having high dollar custom knives but everybody has to start somewhere so buy what you like.
Hey Gary, like Brad says, buy knives you like and can afford. Eventually you will want better and better knives, and like me you may find yourself even willing to spend over a grand on a single knife. Then again maybe not, but whatever you do , keep your love of knives, it's great fun.
A quick word about crock sticks, and it is something you probably already know, but just in case------

They are great things if your knife is just needing a "tune up." But if you have a seriously dull knife, they don't remove enough metal, quick enough to do much good.
buy what you like,gary.its your choice,no one elses.just make sure that you buy quality as well.
Gary, I'm glad to see you sticking around, nobody is going to put down your SAK, and as long as it's sharp it will do the job of a $1000 knife.
I own Boker's and Gerber's, my Gerber/Paul is still one of my favorite knives. The more you hang out here the more your tastes will change, if you're a true KnifeKnut that's a good thing. It's good to learn from and get the opinions of your fellow members, but don't let that be the final factor as to what you buy. That's your choice, because in the end it's your knife. No matter what you buy, some will like it, some won't, so what? Next...

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by brad1407:
Gary don't let people convince you not to buy knives you like. Gerber and Boker both make quality knives in my opinion. I think alot of people here are use to having high dollar custom knives but everybody has to start somewhere so buy what you like.</font>

And some of the knife snobbery is due to some guy having read the latest review in a knife magazine, then blowing his rent money on the latest BG-42/carbon fiber handled knife, and now having to justify his high-priced knife -- that he's only going to be using to cut the occasional straps off a package -- by demeaning knives that cost much less but will do the same job!

Okay, I'm guilty of it too.

Fact is we all buy for different reasons.
If you only buy/collect knives (or hammers, saw, any tool) for its extrinsic value as a tool, then -- as Brad eluded to -- a good Gerber, Boker, or SAK will work fine within its parameters.

Buy for yourself and take people's opinion with a grain of salt. Many people here don't like Benchmade but I still buy, that is okay, isn't it guys? You're not going to throw rocks at me are ya?

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This a fine series of theads you've started. ...especially this one. It's great to see an interest being cultivated and nurtured here. You've gotten some fine advice in this thread from from insightful new friends. One thing common to all of us at these forums is our interest in knives. Keep posting. Merry Christmas.
Don't listen to the put downs, unless it's really something serious. Boker and Gerber are two good brands, though not on some people's "hottest" list. If there's some super-serious design flaw, listen. If not, just take people's opinions with, as someone already advised, a grain of salt (maybe two or three grains in some cases!).

Not all of us can live in mansions with indoor-outdoor swimming pools, roman baths, chandeliers in the walk-in closets and a couple of Rolls in the driveway. And not all of us would like to even if it were an option. Likewise, buy the best you can and if the blades do the job, then all's well.

The opinions presented, on an average, are good stuff to learn by. But they are just that - opinions. There are the Spyderjunkies and the Benchmadefreaks. Those that are either, generally won't buy the other. That's their opinions. But both brands make good knives.

So just keep on keeping on, and let the love of blades continue to consume you (heh, heh, heh)

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Glad to hear your enjoying your new found passion, may it be one of many and always fun... fun being the operative word. Many have said it before and it is worth repeating. You are the knife nut, use this forum to get yourself learned-not to be one of the pack. My favorite all time knife is one given to me by my grandfather. Its and old Shrade slip loint two blade fruit knife. It was a promo given away by a packing company in Orlando, Fl and is so old it lists a four digit phone number-no area code!
Happy holidays,

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