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Feb 28, 1999
I'me getting hooked on this knife thing. I've ordered a fillet knife from Bill Bryant which hasn't arrived yet and I'm shopping like crazy. Here is the target zone: a folder, serious edge holding, substantial corrosion resistance, blade about 3", maybe a bit more, a reliable locking mechanism, partly serrated, (but haven't totally decided on that issue), and there are financial limits on this deal - I'd like to not clear the century mark by too much. To do so requires artful dodging, which can ratchet up to prevarication, or worse yet, whining when caught. Can blades of BG-42, CPM440V or 420V be had in that price range? If not, what's next? And, what knives might be recommended?
Jack -- you might want to place a reserve for one of the Limited Spyderco BF Native with CPM-440V blade and G-10 scales first
I'd seriously look at an EDI (Edge Design Inc) Genesis. You can get them on the net for $104 at Bullman Cutlery ( ) and they were voted Blade magazines 1998 Best Buy of the Year. It's about a 4" blade, though, the action rides on smooth bronze bushings making it one of the sweetest opening folders you can find, it has ambidextrous thumb studs, nice G-10 scales (handle) and a deep riding pocket clip that nearly makes the knife disappear. Check it out:

Other folders I would consider:
-Cold Steel Medium or large Voyager Clip or Tanto. You can get them for under $50
-Spyderco Military for around $120 (4" blade)
-Spyderco Native for around $35
-Cold Steel El Hombre if you want some serious serrated cutting power or their Gunsite II (both 4" blades)
-Spydeco Endura 98. Very nice knife for the money, you can get this knife for under $50 (3 3/4")
-Spyderco Delica has a 2 7/8" blade another good buy
You can check all of these knives out at the Knife Center:

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

*****Silly me, EDI is coming out with their Genesis II which will be sold in the $80 ranger. Check it out:


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Titan and Kodiak PA, you certainly made my original question worthwhile. I went over to the sites you suggested and found all kinds of fun stuff. The knives which particularly caught my attention included the Masters of Defense Hornet, Tempest and Trident, Microtech Min SOCOM, Emerson EM7A, Benchmade BM 140, Pinnicle 750, Accent 820, 825, 835, EDI Genesis I and II, and of course a regiment of Spydercos. I blundered into Chris Reeves' work and will never be the same - however, that's too steep for now. Most of the above blades are either ATS-34 or CM 154 which is very good for edge holding and corrosion resistance. Does anyone out there who has owned any of these rate any clearly above the others in quality, edge holding, or any other category you care to name? In the meantime I'll continue the search.

There are many good choices listed. One that is getting harder to find are the BUCK Master Series with their BG-42 blades. The 110 lockback is almost a legend (if it isn't already) and the BG-42 steel is only going to make it better.

The Benchmade AXIS is a knife that is sure worth a look. Personally, it is hard to go wrong with an EDI Genesis.

Well when you say "a reliable locking mechanism" that knocks liner locks out of the equation.(And probably lockbacks also.) You might want to take a look at REKAT's knives. The people that own them swear by them. It has a reliable lock, blade in the range you want, and ATS-34 steel. Also I think they fall within your price range. Check them out:
I'm not sure if they show the new version(with side release) of their knives on the web site. Hope this helps.
Looks like this is going to be another Ford/Mopar/Chevy debate. I have never had a liner lock fail. I've had 3 lockbacks fail, but one was an el-cheapo that I picked up when I was 14. I would have to agree, however, that the the REKAT lock on the Pioneer series, or the lock on the Benchmade Axis (my NEXT purchase) SEEMS to be a stronger and/or more reliable choice. Perceived reliability in your gear can go a long way towards bolstering your confidence in its daily use. Shop the pricing, you can get an Axis for the price range you are looking for, and Pioneer Valley Knife is closing out some REKAT Pioneers through Blade Auction for starting bids of $75.00.

For a superior knife, get the Military. It is as smooth as the Genesis, with a better blade steel. Both have excellent locks, although I trust my Military implicitly. The Military will have a perfect lock-up from the get go. No need to send it in for adjustments (like some Benchmade/Emerson Knife Co. liner locks). I speak from experience. The Military can be had for @ 120.00. The Axis is a nice knife, but I'm just really stuck on my Military. In 9 years of buying, testing, trading and selling folders, the (new) Military is the best, IMHO. I've been unable to find a better knife for the money, regardless of lock type.

I haven't handled any of the knives I'm considering (yet), except a Spyderco. So at this stage I'm comparing pictures (I've looked at a bunch), field tests (I've read a few of those), and experienced people's first hand knowldge, which is the most useful. Does anyone own a Microtech mini SOCOM, and if so, how does it compare to say the MODs, or the EDI Genesis? Several people have recommended the Genesis but I've heard nothing here about the others. The mini's size is attractive because where I work and the clothes I wear.
I just purchased a Mini SOCOM and spent several days ohhing and ahhing over it until my AFCK came in. Both knives are liner lock designs. Although I LOVE my Baby SOCOM, the AFCK to me just has a better feel to it. I may be purchasing a Mini AFCK soon for those days when I need a smaller knife. Or I may (*GASP*) actually USE my Little Purple SOCOM. I have handled the Genesis and I love it too. (I only went with the AFCK because I picked it up for $65.00.) If you are on a budget, the Columbia River Apache is a nice knife for the money. I'll let you know how I like my MOD LadyHawk. It should be here by the middle of next week.

I had the MOD Tempest. It came NIB with a little bit of blade play. Sent it back to Jim Ray who promptly fixed it. Still, I've come to distrust the linerlocks. Also the Tempest just didn't quite feel right in my hands. The index cutout and out of the way liner lock were fine. But the taper of the handle and gradual taper of the handle spine width from the pivot to the pommel felt odd in my hand. I passed the knife along to a friend.

The BM pinnacle is very good alternative to the liner lock -- my second daily carry. The integral lock was hard to disengage initially. But now is working smoothly with use.

The only folders I am interested in these days are the Bladeforums Native and the rolling locks (REKAT). Spyderco is putting rolling locks on some of their knives in the (?near) future. Sal has a 3.5" "Martial Blade Craft Folder" (MBCF) he projects to be available at the end of the year.


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To the 4th and sing; that's useful information. Furthermore, it cooroborates other forum members lack of confidence in liner-locks. I have almost zero experience with these types of knives (up to now it's been filleters and a tiny pocket knife). I was awarded a Buck hunter for something or other at work several years ago (before political correctness apprehended the civilian arm of the Dept. of Defense). I've whacked up cardboard boxes, evicerated a few salmon with it, and it has pretty much done what's expected of it. However it's heavy (my postal scale says nearly 7oz, making it hang like a shot put in my pants pocket), it's thick at the scales, and it's 425M, which has the edge going over the horizon with one look at a saltwater fish - not rusting, just going away. I'm am dazzled by the high quality steels, reported edge holding, light weight, and let's face it, the absolutely stunning appearance of the current generation of tactical-practical knives. I haven't had this much fun in years and I'm tickled to be cashing on the forbearance of the forums braintrust. It's "way cool," as the kiddies say.
I'm back again. Does anyone have first hand knowldge relating to the Columbia River K.C. Apache Jr? It's about the right size, weight, and has an ATS-34 blade, but the price is so low in comparison to superficially comparable knives that it makes me wonder. Why so inexpensive? Or is it functionally or materially inferior to its competition? What type of locking mechanism does it use? Also, what is an Emerson EM7A. I can't find any particulars out at the various knife sites I've been rummaging through.

I had the larger Apache. Generally the blade is fine -- sharp, good point. The handle is a banna shape which I think can be slippery. But the blade has pronounced ramps/guards near the pivot area to stop you from sliding onto the blade. It's a linerlock and the lock is filed (a bit sharply) and protrudes a slight bit from the handle.

Frankly, the price is nice. If you had the money and are willing to spend more, I would go would the small MB AFCK which is about the same size. The AFCK, however, has a finger index, G10 handle and fully retracted liner lock, making the knife secure to hold and as secure one can get about a linerlock not getting released by "white knuckle grip". (TEST THIS anyway!) The AFCK has a better polished blade than the APACHE bead blast blade.

The Emerson CQC7 can be viewed at For these factory made, Emerson went with grind on both sides of the blade and not chisel grind as the Emerson knives are known for. Never handled one except a BM version which is no longer produced. I remember the BM as having a comfortable grip.


My search, which is ALL pictures and text, has produced a list which cost-wise runs like this:

Apache II
BM mini AFCK
MOD Hornet
MOD Trident (a tad big)
MT mini SOCOM (sales mitigate cost)

Anything superior to this list of which I am aware goes into my own mental (for the time being only - it will expand) and my wife's financial red zone.

There are several others which come with high recommendations, including the MOD Trident, the EDI Genesis, BM Pinnacle, the Spyderco Military (Oooooh, CPM 440V),etal, which are just a bit large or heavy for my needs. Even though I suspect they are, if not absolutely superior to my list, a better value. I'm also listening to the reports of liner-lock failures. At home, because of our business, we accumulate piles of cardboard boxes. The new knife is going to be used to reduce them. I don't need a failure! It comes back again to range of use - menacing a salmon does not put the same stress on the lock as does ripping into cardboard.

Regarding the EM7A, I was unable to find it's size and weight. I prefer it's blade point to the CQC7. If under 3.5" and no greater than 4 oz, I'd put it on the list.

Your suggestion of the BM mini AFCK is where I was leaning. Now I've got to locate a local knife shop and fondle these things.

Thanks for help,