It's True !


Oct 29, 2004
I took the plunge and bought my first Chris Reeve knife, a Mnandi with the Lignum inlay. It's true what you guys have been saying about his knives. Beautiful knife, fit and finish are top notch, and super smooth. Sharpest knife out of box I ever bought. I went to my local knife dealer to get a small Sebenza, but he was out of them and I got this instead. I'm glad I did, I love it. :D I'll get the small Sebenza when he gets more in. The wait will be painful. :(

I still need to add a Mnandi to my collection.
Congrats on an excellent purchase. I have an Mnandi w/African Blackwood inlays which has become my primary EDC. I plan to get a second Mnandi in the not too distant future and have been eyeing the Lignum inlay as a possible choice. Can you post a pic or two? I'd like to see how your particular inlay looks.
Sorry, no camera. I'll try to get my son to do it in a day or so when I see him.
I got an African Blackwood about two weeks ago. At first i was worried about the size, I have carried it every day since and must admit it is one great knife. I thought i would miss carrying my large wood classic ,but this knife has fufilled all of my needs!! I also am thinking about another one. Just have to figure what knife has to go so another can come my way. :)