Ivan Campos Kiridashi


Apr 30, 2004
I received a Ivan Campos Kiridashi from the maker a few days ago. This is one great knife! The first thing u notice is the heft of the knife. Although it is "small" 130 mm (5,2 "), it has a nice handle 85 mm (5,2") and a 2 inch blade. The first think that struck me was "wow, this thing is sturdy!", when i took it out of the box . The handle is just perfect for me, i can just get a 4 finger grip on it, and your thumb nicely rests on top of the blade. The handle is a sturdy, rather fat handle. The cordwrap was perfectly done, mine has a ebony wood inlay beneath the traditional japanese cordwrap. It looks like black samé from a distance, but it is ebony wood. The handle is very grippy due to the cordwrap and the use of a clear grippy coating. This is a knife you can grab with wet hands and use without the fear of loosing it or slippage. It came with a nice custom made kydex sheath 75 mm long and 50 mm wide. The knife fits perfectly and gives good retention. It has a black cord attached to it.
Now the blade, this is the most unusual part of the knife. It is 6 mm wide (0,23"), this is not a thin blade, more a thin slab of steel u have with u! The edge is almost 10 mm (0,39") wide on top of the blade and 15 mm (0,59") on the bottom, the edge is 40 mm long( 1,57") it has a chisel grind. This is the first knife i have with a chisel grind. This grind is unusual that it doesn't look sharp, but it is SHARP ! The steel used is K-100 (d3) tool steel. It has a 60 grid polish on the blade so no fear of marring a beautifull polish. The knife is set up as a neck knife , but it is, due to the thickness of the blade, rather heavy. I use it as neck knife, but some people might find it too heavy for that. In my honest opinion this is a knife that will outlast u and the next 10 generations. It looks like it is "Unbreakable" and it probably is. I can't imagine what any person could do with it and break it without the use of mechanical or powertools! This is a knife u can throw in your backpack or in your car, SUV , survival kit, or BDU pocket and u will always have ONE hell of a TANK knife with u. It's not a weapon, not a stabber, but it will keep cutting and cutting. It also looks like a good skinner, u have great control over the knife, and the chisel grind is easely sharpened "on the move", with a small flat sharpening stone. All in all it is great knife for the price, and u this knife will last u more then a lifetime. This is a knife a Palaeontologist in 15000 AD will retrieve under 10 feet of earth and will say "looks like a rare 21 century knife" and will display it in some intergalactic museum! in all a GREAT knife :)