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I've arrived safe and sound, thanks for your concern


HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate
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Oct 2, 1998
Hey all!

I got into Florida yesterday around 4:00 PM, and just unpacked the computer, so I guess that I need to apologize for my unauthorized abscence...

Many thanks to Gus K. for squaring me away on the drive down. Not only was he gracious enough to put me, my girlfriend, my ferrets, and my dog up for the night, but he was willing to drive us to Gainsville, GA from Atlanta to pick up another dog as well! Gus is good people folks, remember that.

I also want to thank Mike as well, for getting his fat ass over to my apartment and helping me unload the Ryder Truck. After loading the truck by myself, it was a lot nicer to have help unloading it....

I'll be starting work with Mike on Tuesday, so all hell should break loose about a half hour later. Some of the changes that Mike has mentioned should go into effect relatively quickly, and so far the test responses have all been positive.

I'm still unpacking the boxes right now, but I'll make an effort to stay aware of what's going on now that I'm relatively settled.

I'll correct my email in my profile when I get an ISP tomorrow, hopefully the cable modem will work as promised!

For those who are in Florida and want to know where I am, I'm in Jacksonville, close to the I-95. Email me at spark@bladeforums.com for more info.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

Insert witty quip here

"Fat ass"???? Now that is a heck of a way to start a business relationship!

Glad you made it safe and sound and I really enjoyed the visit. Now if we could just get the skinny on that new steel (knife) you and Mike are working on. (Mike, Spark did not spill the beans I heard it elswhere, but I am not saying who or where to protect the innocent
. Mike, you forum will be in more than excellent hands, but you already knew that.)

See you guys at the Shot Show, hopefully.

[This message has been edited by Gus Kalanzis (edited 30 November 1998).]
Spark (Kevin),
I used to live down there off the beaches in the Ponte Vedra area (our backyard was right off the TPC golf course). This is when I was stationed at Mayport.
You'll love it (well all except the June bugs when they swarm).
Take care!

Glad you made it down with no problems Spark!


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