I've been unfaithful to Spyderco

May 2, 1999
Over the last couple of years I have turned into a die-hard Spyderco fan. My last few purchases, with the exception of some fixed blades and a Gerber Covert, have been strictly Spyderco.

However, on the weekend I purchased a BM AFCK. God, this knife is amazing. I have read the posts regarding the sometimes spotty quality of Benchmade knives, but this one is perfect. The quality reminds me of some of the best custom knives I've handled. This knife is incredibly smooth, locks up rock-solid, the ATS-34 takes a great edge and the blade geometry seems near perfect.

The only thing I can't comment on is - how it will hold up over time. But the construction leads me to believe it should do well.

If there are others like me, with a strong brand loyalty, you should at least look at some other manufacturers. I did - and now I am the proud owner of a knife that is giving me a great deal of satisfaction.

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Hi Bill!!

Well, I also love Spyderco knives (and their sharpeners of course) but I also own a couple of Benchmade knives as well. I think the AFCK in M2 steel is my first quality knife, and what you say about the AFCK is true, as far as I'm concerned. It's really good, and so far, with my other BMs, I have yet to see the problems often mentioned here at the forums.
Maybe that's because the dealers whom I bought these from, check the

Enjoy your new toy, Bill!


The Benchmade knives are generally excellent and I'm glad you were able to find that out. There are plenty of outstanding American made knives available on the marketplace. You may want to look at products from companies like EDI, REKAT, Timberline just to name a few. Even some products from the larger companies are outstanding. The Kershaw Random Task is one of many examples as is the Camillus CUDA.

Sorry if I left anyone out. My point was that there are plenty of great knives made in this country and you shouldn't be afraid to sample what's out there. Take care.

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phone: The AFCK just gets better with use. One thing I always like to point out is the great ergonomics coupled with the forward rake. You get some serious performance enhancements from these features, beyond what you would expect from the edge geometry alone. Try a little whittling, see what a comfortable position your hand is in versus your other folders. Try a hard slashing test, and see how the AFCK just wants to stick to the target and cut the whole time, due to the ergonomics and forward rake. The knife has some really nice subtleties to it.
Having an altrnate on "the side" is fun!

(We are talking about knives!)

I carry a Military and an AFCK. Just keep them seperate, never let them see or know about each other, and don't try and use them at the same time. If you are able to pull off the last feat, let me know how. I envy you!

(Yes, we are STILL talking about knives.)
Archer, I know the knife you are handling! I found the same way, and I have two. But in the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy and follow quality wherever it leads me. More often than not, that's with Spyderco.

I started off pretty entralled with BM: AFCK, Styker, Sentinel, Eclipse/Ascent, Pinnacle. Alas, Spyderco beckoned and off I went.
The hole beats the stud.

I'm getting to be a die-hard Spydie fan myself, but I got "hooked on the hole" by the AFCK. It was my first really nice folder over four years ago, and while Spyderco is my favorite company, I'm ashamed to admit this is my favorite knife.

It's seen a lot. The typically brittle Benchmade ATS-34 point snapped ages ago and I reground it 1/4" shorter. While I was at it I gave it a slight recurve and polished the blade. It once-upon a time had thick Dymondwood scales but these were traded for contoured Micarta. I replaced the spacer several times, ending up with full-length fileworked aluminum, and I fileworked the liners as well, for practice. I just recently added a Ti clip that interferes with the grip less than the original. This old knife... I love it and carry it more than any other.

I was about to replace it with an M-2 model, but folks probably read about the poor example I received. As I have said, Benchmade makes some of the finest knives in the world...sometimes. This M-2 AFCK wasn't one of those times. I'm awaiting a new one, planning what to do to it...

I agree with what folks have said: that for consistent quality, go with Spyderco. And you can't beat the hole! But when Spydie innovations and Benchmade design got together under the right stars, the results were really something special. Still, IMO, the all-around BEST full-sized folder on the market.


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p_a, has Spyderco been faithful to you? She has been seen peddling herself all over town, half the guys I work with do what they please with her. She even showed BM how to make that hole on that other knife you love so much
I'm also a Spydie lover/carrier. But I have a lot of 'mistresses' on the side...BM has been one of them. Most of my BM's have been good to excellent. I already stated my AFCK problems, and today I just sent mine back to warranty...I want to feel that AFCK magic just like all the other happy owners!
Of course, if this were the Jerry Springer show and the knife companies were ladies fighting over me, Spyderco would be right beside me saying, "He ain't goin' nowhere! He's always gonna come runnin' back to me!"

I was fanatical about the all-stainless construction of some of the Spydercos for years and wasn't about to try the "new school of thought" involving the lightweight G10 and titanium. Then, one day, it happened. I handled a BM970 and knew in an instant what the future held for my front right pocket. I'd carried and used BM Balisongs in the older days, and had just gotten sold on the clip-style of carry when I discovered the quality of both brands. Don't feel as though you have shamed your brand, just carry both.

Oh yeah, I forgot. If you have the means in the near future, check out the mini-afck as well. It's equally as nice in subtlely different ways.

Shame on you!
No, I liked the ergonomics of the mini AFCK (RH), but recently mailed it off to another fellow blade nut in here. I didn't know BM made the knife in lefthanded
The way it stands now, I have had bad lucky with getting badly finished BMs
All of the Spydercos have been perfect

Like the Fred said, 'check out the REKATs and the others'. I recently picked up a couple of fixed blades: whats wrong with that?! LOL, a knife is a knife: as long as it cuts.
I'll concur with MD20-20.

I have 4 BMs. All of them have some flaw in fit. On my Emerson and AFCK, the Ti galls seriously against the tang, making for really sticky releases. On the Boguszewski spike, the liner lock sits way too far to the far side, meaning that it WILL fail at some point. On #4, my Stryker, there is some lateral play at the pivot (that's a nit pick. I carry and love my Stryker).

If it weren't for Spyders, I wouldn't be buying production folders any more.
I've called AFCK "a Spyder with a butterfly" in one of the old threads. Sal said to consider it BM's Spyderco model in the same sense as their Crawford and Elishewitz models. Wipe your guilt away. I don't consider you being unfaithful.

On the other hand, if you had bought one of those knockoffs . . .