I've got a couple of NIB knives I'd like to sell

Apr 23, 2010
I've got a couple of NIB knives I'd like to sell but am not allowed to create a FS thread. I may have just overlooked why this is when reading the rules and FAQ, but can someone clear this up for me?
I moved this to its own thread. Please don't piggyback on someone else's thread, it makes it hard to keep track of.

Your profile allows private messaging, but your title says Registered User. Please go to your User CP and down the left side to Group Memberships and click on your proper title.

It is possible that you were actually still a Registered User when you tried to post FS before. Try again and let's see what happens.
You need a paid subscription, gold level or higher. Please read the stickies at the top of the for sale forums.
Well, I don't rely on this site enough to become a supporting member at this time, so I will list them on my gun forums. Thanks for the help.