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I've had it with the lot of you...

Jun 22, 2000
Hello all. You all finally pushed me over the edge. I've been on here little more than six months, but have finally read the right combination of posts in sufficient numbers to drive me over the edge. I can't take it anymore. You're driving me out of my mind...

I will shortly be liquidating the bulk (lol-keep an eye out) of my production knives to finance the possible procurement of a custom. Why have a bunch of little lesser knives when you can have one big nice one?


Anyway, the real, non-joking portion of my post is this: I really really really like Kit Carsons designs, and would like very much to have one made for me. He is quite popular, though, I imagine, and thus must have a tremendous waitlist. Anyone aware of the lag time on a custom from Carson? Tried the search feature (doesn't work right now?) for his website, but I can't seem to locate that either. He still posts here, right?
Looking for information, thanks guys.

Not sure what Kits wait is, but he is a moderator of the shop talk forum. Go there and you can find his email addy and ask him. Also, he is on IRC chat almost every night. Great guy to talk to. Also, you can go to www.robertsoncustomcutlery.com as they usually have some in-stock Carson knives. Hope that helps.

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I hope is wasn't something I said that has turned the Chief into a raving lunatic custom craving drooling maniac. Selling all your production knives to buy customs?

I've heard that one before. Pretty soon you will have a lot of fine custom knives. Then you will start selling Them to buy knifemaking equipment, and pretty soon, you will be poor as a churchmouse, but happy as a knifemaker.

It has happened before. It could happen to you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In the meantime, look at the Big Five custom web sites everyday and Learn:


You should email Les Roberstson and let him know what you are looking for in a knife. He will steer you in the right direction. He also guarantees your purchase price when trading up to a more expensive knife which is a rare and unique thing. Get his attention by using a email subject like: I think custom knives are crap! That is sure to get Les motivated to write you back and set you right.

If you would like to meet and talk to Kit, (or Darrel Ralph, or Tim Herman, or a whole bunch of other knice knifemakers), get the IRC program from the BFC faqs area, read the instructions, and get to the chat room.

What forum do you want this thread in CD? I think it's fine right here.

Paracelsus, amused as always, and grateful that somehow I skipped right past the production knife phase
Go to bladeforums chat, Kit comes in often. He can tell you exact wait times, and I believe with a little sweet talk, sometimes the wait isn't as long for BF members.
Welcome to the very dark side

Seriously, take your time make sure you are taking care of bills, education and retirement and odds are you will enjoy the quests and the people you will get to meet along the way.

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I ordered an M16 A1 from Kit about 3 months ago and was told that his backlog is about 2 years. In a later email that I recieved from Kit he mentioned that he now had help with some of the work that he did. He could not tell me if that would mean that i would get the knife sooner or not. So I guess your wait will be 2 years or somewhat less, but contacting Kit will get you a prompt reply. He is very good at returning emails in a timely manner.
I recently picked up a Carson Large Model 4, and it is without a doubt the finest custom folder I own. Everyone who handles it can't help but to comment on the "quality feel" of the piece. He's a great place to start for customs, no doubt!

It was the small model 4 on knifeart.com that led me to look at the Carson designs. That really is a sweet knife.
Welcome to the club

Can't go wrong with a Carson. Kit is one "old hand" that makes real using knives. Fit, finish, lockup are all up there with the best anybody can do. One of my must haves is a small Carson model 4. Wait time the last time I emailed Kit (a few months ago) was about 2 years.


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