J.P. Holmes Knives


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Jul 15, 2003
Hello All,

Perhaps if someone can show me how to show these pictures, I can do it, I have the uploaded documents in the folder, but am not attaching for some reason

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Steven Garsson

I absolutely could not figure out how to get the pix up, and never had any problem before.

J.P. Holmes makes knives under his own label, mostly kitchen knives, and they are superb. I have two.

He also grinds Boye Dendritic Cobalt and 440C blanks for Francine. I wanted some of the knives, specifically a 4" drop point, and a Basic 3 in BDS 440C. We developed a somewhat complicated system, but I got the knives in the mail on Saturday, after just a few weeks. They are super cool. The picture on the top (smaller one) is what they look like as J.P. "normally" does them, and as they are available through Francine.

I reshaped the blade, changed the handle profile, and gave the knife more of an "integral" bolster feel, as opposed to the way Boye normally casts them, which I do not care for. The ringset under the "bolster" is all J.P. Holmes with a piece of Baldwin twist Mokume Gane in the center.

The big picture of the knife was scanned, BTW, and I apologize profusely for the crappy appearance, but a photographer I am not. Big Thank you to Dredd8 for assisting me with my obviously lacking BF photo skills.

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STeven Garsson
:) Hello Steven
I like the modifications you made. To fit your usage it adds gracefulness to the peace. :D
You are an inspiration!

Hope everything is going well, Happy Holidays to you and Ms. K.

STeven Garsson
What kind of handle material did you use on the larger pic? It looks like Zericote, but I can't decide if I'm seeing a greenish tint from the handle material's color or my monitor is playing with the color. :confused:
I love your version. It is light years nicer looking than Boye's version.
I have an affinity for Baldwin's mokume as my wedding band is make from the palladium/white gold mokume he sells.
The handle on the newer version is the most fantastic African Blackwood. It actually has nice grain to it, rather than no grain.

Anthony, thank you for the compliments on the knife. I saw something in it that wanted to come out, and it just needed a little help. It will function much more like a "traditional" drop point hunter now.
Phillip Baldwin is one of my better friends, and one of my favorite people to talk to/hang out with. I have known him since 1987, but we have been friends for the last 9 years.
He made both mine and my wife's wedding bands almost 8 years ago. Mine is a mild steel/Monel pattern weld (damascus) with gold pins and a gold wrap. It has no seams. I showed it to Yoshindo Yoshihara, who is a good friend of Phil's, at the Guild Show in Las Vegas, I think it was 1998, he was very impressed. My wife's is 22k yellow gold/Sterling twist mokume (does have a seam) contoured to fit with her engagement ring. As far as my wedding band goes, Phillip has made 2 or 3 like it in his whole career.

Best Regards,

Steven Garsson
That is a beautiful knife. I love the spacer work on the piece. Classy looking!
..Steven... Congrats, what a useful set of mods to an already cool piece, only making it more intriguing...

JP's work is, generally speaking a Northern California 'secret' - although, arguably, both BAKCA and the online Knife Fora have helped get the word out about his great work...

Both JP and Francine are attending The Collectors' Show, in Napa on January 14-15th, 2005. For those who can make it, you'll have a special opportunity to meet JP, Francine and some other great Makers.

There's been a great response, and I expect that there will be a lot of very special pieces available... :cool:
Baldwin didn't make my ring, but he did refer me to someone who could and did.

That white gold palladium is gorgeous, pricey stuff..