JaK - UCK (universal combat knife)

Feb 19, 2008
I decided to design my own ideal medium sized fixed blade. Name says combat, but I shall use it rather as a camp knife (in tactical cloak :D). It should be easy to use in field, virtually indestructible (should endure hard work and even some prying) and eventually usable as combat knife.
My concept is 26cm (10,236 in) long. I´m still not sure about thickness, but it will be between 5mm (0,2 in) and 8mm (0,315 in).
Concept is my work, drawings are made by friend of mine.


weight reducing holes

cardboard model

Here comes the fun for you. How would you improve this concept? Thank you in advance :)
Opinions on current design are welcome as well.

PS: please excuse my english. I hadn´t used it for some time.
i like the design, it looks nice and fast in the hand. but when i think fighter-type knives i think a tad thinner. maybe 4mm? either way i think it would be great. nice design :thumbup:
I looks nice except for the pointy end of the tang that sticks out. Sharp edges that aren't used for cutting serve no purpose on a knife and should be avoided at all costs.

And maybe smooth out the spine near the tip, that point looks like it could hang up in a sheath and the last thing you want is trouble putting you knife back in the sheath (stabbing your thigh probably isn't all that pleasant).

Aside from that, it's a nice design.
Looks nice, I think you have too many holes drilled out to lighten the blade. At first apperance it would seem to unbalanced. This is the extent of the holes I would be comfortable having. Make it out of CPM-110V ;)
Looks pretty good, personally I'd grind the spine at the tip above the main bevel to an edge or at least a good swedge, unless I'm looking at it wrong it seems like you want to leave that part at full thickness, which wouldn't give you much of a tip, where as a steep angle, tanto like design would be pretty sweet.

Also might raise the front of the handle on the spine side where your thumb would lie for a good grip in a thrust.

Very much like the design, also agree with RevDevil about the holes 100%

Good design!
Looks like a good utility/camp knife design. The name is a bit confusing though considering you designed it as a camp knife. I would also not drill so many holes in the tang to reduce weight. If it were me, I would drill 6 holes total (not including the fastener holes. They would look something like this @-_-@-_-@ I realize that is severly ghetto however I don't want to make a drawing. The @'s are the three fastener holes and the lines are weight reducing holes. My point is just make six of them in an alternating fashion so as not to create any weak points. If you have two or more holes in a vertical line it will create a weak point and it could fracture there. All together a good design though.
The blade profile looks almost exactly like a Benchmade 940. Which is my favorite knife to carry, so a larger fixed blade sounds great to me.:thumbup:
Thank you for your opinions.
- Sharp tang really doesn´t look well, but it could be usefull. Many tactical knives out there have skull crusher. I´ll consider if I really need it.
- Balance is quite tricky question. Thick knife with "heavy nose" would be probably usable for some light chopping (but chopping with such short knife isn´t best idea). It isn´t too appropriate for fighting.
- I agree that thinner blades are much more suitable for combat knife. But I´m not sure about right thickness for universal tool.
- Knife will be made out of Elmax or maybe RWL34 - I want it stainless
I made some changes. Instead of spiked tang, it will have flat one. Also tip will be stronger.
I hope this knife will be realized soon.
Looks pretty good. I'd say to lean towards the 5mm thick blade (.2"?). I've found that for an all around (& for SD, from training) 3/16-1/4" or so seems to be a good compromise. Thick enough, but thin enough to slice decently, too.

The skull crusher pommel's not a bad idea, again, if it's an all around FB that can be used for SD, a flatter pommel would be better. It can still be used for strikes AND for other "camping" chores.

I like reverse tanto type blades, so that part of it is good. What are you planning on using for scales & will they be contoured?

As to balance, I think that's going to be something you'll have to play with. You'll probably put some holes in the tang for weight savings, but as you said, you don't want it too blade heavy, either, since it's not a chopper.

Have you made any knives before?
Scales will be made of black micarta, G10 or maybe etched aircraft aluminium (I know that metal scales has some disadvantages, but it looks so cool :D). And they will be certainly sculptured, maybe even texturised for nonsliping grip.

Wih help of my friends, I made two knives so long.


But this one will be made by my friend, local knifemaker.

Your thoughts helped me to upgrade this design. I appreciate it. In month or two I´ll show off final product.
i really like that second one! great blade profile.

and i also like the drawings. reminds me a bit of the chris reeve insigno blade profile. very useful and a great slicer.