James/Anyone: Nimravis or Reeve Shadow III


Oct 29, 1998

Since you are the only one I've heard of that owns a BM Nimravis, and I respect your opinion, should I wait for the BM or buy the Shadow III. I want a strong, quality small fixed blade. The Nimravis is unknown to this point. At least by most of us. I've handled the Shadow III at a blade show and was impressed by the heft of the small package. Would one be better around water than the other? I don't care too much about having the combo blade.

Anyone who can give an opinion would be much appreciated.

Can and will.

Those two knives are going to feel very different, the Reeves, hefty, as you noted, and the Nimravus light and nimble. The edge in strength, i.e. tolerance for abuse, has to go to the Shadow, it should be darn near indestructible. The Nim has a relatively thin blade, which gives it the potential to be a very efficient cutter, but not the sort of blade you want to do any prying with. The Nim does not have a particularly fine point, and should generally not be susceptible to damage during use as a cutting tool.

ATS-34 is less susceptible to corrosion than A-2. A-2 takes a very fine edge.

So the Nimravus is lighter, and is likely to be a more efficient cutter under most circumstances, the Shadow is likely to tolerate abuse such as prying and throwing with far greater aplomb. You will have to go by feel, and by how you use a knife.

I am sure this didn't make up your mind for you, but maybe it will help you decide whether the Nimravus is worth the wait to check out before buying or not.

The Chris Reeve fixed blades are marvels of the machinist's art, and serious cutting tools too. The round knurled handle isn't the most comfortable or ergonomic one out there, while my hand likes being around the grip on the Nimravus. Between the two, the Nimravus is the one I'd take into the woods. I like a flat-ground Loveless-style slab handle utility better than either, but that's a custom proposition.


I carry a Nimravus quit frequently on a 550 cord shoulder harness demanding a light, strong knife.
Mr. Harvey really comes to the point on your choice between the two, What are you going to use it for?
I side with James on the handle comments and think the Nimravus is one of the most comfortable and apt handles I have held. Of course I liked it the first day a I saw one and had to have it, a great small carry but not a multi-purpose utility knife.