James Browie Proto. pic x JamesBrothers

STYLE?? STYLE? If they serve a purpose, if they function, what in the world does style have to do with it?
Style? Don't you mean fashion?

Yes, sawteeth aren't as fashionable as they were when I was a kid. But style isn't like fashion; a good design well executed will always be in style.

Other things that are no longer fashionable but have style: 1LE Camaros, '68 Mustangs, and Buck 110's. These things are GOOD so they don't have to bow to fashion.

Well, I'll stick up for the gipper on this one. Let's forget "style" for a minute, and really look at those teeth. There's a few good reasons I don't like them.

The James Brothers have made a beautiful knife, so I know aesthetics was high on their list of objectives. Those sawteeth make an otherwise beautiful knife look cheesey. They remind me of all those crappy $15 survival knives. It's ruined the aesthetics, for me. That one's purely subjective, I know, so I better move on quickly to more substantive objections...

Sawteeth backs took the market by storm and then faded. That is, they were a fad. Why didn't they catch on permanently? Because they didn't work -- rather, they made a knife *look* more aggressive (back to "style" again), but sawteeth were simply a bad idea from day one. Many of 'em worked on some substances but couldn't cut others; most simply didn't work well on anything at all. And thrusting into something, they could catch on the way back out. It's always been a better idea to either bring a folding saw with you, or to simply chop through whatever you wanted.

And speaking of chopping, one thing often done with a big knife is splitting by placing the knife edge on the wood and driving it through by banging the spine with a piece of wood or what have you. Doesn't work so well with those sawteeth.

So ironically, the *only* reason to keep those sawteeth on is if you like the *style*. They not only don't really help functionality, they can actually impair it.


PS Jim, other than those sawteeth, that knife is gorgeous

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Well I guess I had a Rambo Flash Back

Its great to beable to post a pic of a prototype and get the needed feedback.

Jim @ James Brother Knives

I agree with the others on dropping the saw teeth; however, I suggets replacing them with serrations ala the CRKT Sealtac.

I am also not a fan of sawteeth, especially when sawing wood, but Randall makes a great set of sawteeth for cutting metal. Although limited in their use, Randall's teeth are shaped more like a course hacksaw blade for cutting your way out of aircraft skin or for divers working around submerged wrecks. But all in all, I've bought my last knife with sawteeth.