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James Mattis Unfinished Project

As this year comes to an end I was reflecting back on what I had accomplished and what will be carried over to next year. I thought about James Mattis and how much he is missed. One of the projects James mention a lot on Chat in the weeks before his passing was a more positive view of knives by women. He asked the guys on Chat to come up with a more realistic view of women using knives. Of course the goof balls on Chat (myself included) only offered James a sophomoric view of unreal women with knives in the strangest places in various stages of undress. When James tried to show us of how he saw knives and women in the same pictures of course we ridiculed him. Sorry James.

In light of the recent problems CRK&T had with U.S. Customs I think it’s time we reconsider the project James was forced to leave unfinished. What I proposed is this, a Photo Gallery of real women using real knives in real life situations. James took great pleasure in find practical uses for his most tactical knives. Why can’t we take this idea and make James’ vision become a reality?

Most of us have access to cameras, knives, and females, let’s take some pictures. Let’s put them in a Gallery, let’s send these pictures to the manufacturers of the knives shown in the pictures. Let’s try to show our knives in a more positive light to women, our law makers and sheeple in general. I think this could be a fun project with a positive effect for all of us who love knives and want to share our passion. Let’s do this for James.

I will gladly volunteer to setup a Album on my PhotoPoint site, receive your pics via E-mail, color correct and crop them and post a link to the Album rather than use a ton of bandwidth here.

I’d like some feedback on this, what do you guys think?

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As usual, your post is right on the money. I think it is a great idea. I will try to snap a pic of my wife using her new pink Buck Clipper I got her for Christmas. We should never forget James or the wonderful things he did and the fabulous sense he made.

Thank you Phil.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

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Glad you brought this up Phil. It should be easy to get a pic of my wife using a knife, she carrys and uses one everyday.

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Nov 7, 1999
Hey Phil..

You bring up a Good Point..

I know someone who should Definately be in this photo album...

I don't know her presonally,, she was a referal from Rob Simonich a customer of his,, maybe Rob could talk her into exposing herself to everyone here at Bladeforums.

One thing I have to say is that this Lady knew Exactly what she wanted, I did a couple of larger custom Busse blades for her and know she owns at least one Simonich...

I have a Great Deal of respect for her,, actually any Lady who wears a Simonich or Busse for that matter..

Come on S. Lets see those Blades..



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Greg, it's funny I thought this was a good idea too. I still think it is. I wonder why nobody else seems to think so?
Spyderco has made at least three knife commercials (you can see them at the end of the video for the Sharpmaker).

In one of them, a women is shown using a Cricket for gardening activities. Definitely, a positive image.

Seems to me, this is an untapped market that knife manufacturers would want to pursue.

I can't really get my wife to cary anything, but while opening gifts at my daughter's birthday party, she asked for a knife and deftly opened (two handed
), used, and closed my G10 Rookie - and I got it all on video !

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My GF loves her Spyderco Dragonfly and seems
to be interested in custom MTs and Damascus
lately... maybe I can get a shot sometime.

I agree with Phil, a positive image of knives
will only help us knuts - both in terms of an
educated populace less likely to put up with
things like the CRKT seizure and people more
likely to say "hey, let me see that..." than
"eek! a _knife_!" in the office.

Can't blame Spyderco for trying. I've seen a
few movies where a Spyderco folder is pulled
out by the "bad" guys... they had PR problems
in the early 90's and had to act.

I'll see what I can do i know a couple of women that use knives on a regular basis (one that even tries to compete with me on number of carries) my wife not being one of them (grrr.)

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I've been puzzled by the limited response to this thread, and I do thank the folks that have posted?
At first I thought my timing was bad with New Years and all, but it seemed like a good time to remember James and finish a project that he can't.
Then I thought maybe my reputation for picture manipulations would stop some people from sending me pictures. If that's the case let me assure you it is not my plan to tarnish James' memory by goofing around with your pics.
Next I thought perhaps some of you may want to keep your womens pics off the Net, or not want to reveal their identity. That doesn't have to be an issue, you don't have to put names with the pics, and if you want I can leave your names off also. You don't even have to show faces if you don't want. I'm not looking for fashion models just real women using real knives in a positive non-sexual way.

Is there something else I'm missing here? I'll admit when James first brought up the idea I didn't grab my wife and start taking pics of her with knives. But now this is something I'd like to do and I need your help, or at least a reason why you'd rather not?

Donna, Judy, Silverwing, Audra, Angie and all you other female KnifeKnuts help me out here.
My wife is a full time gardener phill. Ill include her tearing at burlap sacks and assorted other stuff with her Harpy ! I think its a great idea !!!


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