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Nov 19, 1998

Well, I made a pending deal woth him to send him a Benchmade HK knife to inspect and he would return the knife or the money. Now I haven't heard from him after a week and two messages. Anyone deal with him vbefore or hear from him lately? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

- Kim Duckett
Jameson is a champ! I sold him my M2 AFCK not too long ago. I haven't seen any recent posts from him. I hope he's OK.

Matt Sutton
Perhaps someone can suggest how to handle these "So and so doesn't call, doesn't write" matters. I've been known to drop a ball or two myself. Perhaps an "Earth calling Acme Sharp Objects!" message, without going into details of the transaction.

Our policy here is that you should make every effort to contact the person involved before you start questioning about them publically.

Do you have his phone number? Or have you just sent emails?

Either way, I hope that this get's resolved to everyone's satisfaction.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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The issue has been resolved. he contacted me today. I jumped the gun but the last time I sent something out without pre-payment I lost $1000 so I was over reacting. Thanks you all for your positive feedback of Mr. Jamesson and your help.
Hmmm. This sort of thing happens now and again...at one point Ernie Mayer's phone access got screwed up in a move, people were wondering where he was. He's a maker with a *good* rep and myself and others told the people waiting he'd probably make good in full. Sure enough, he did...and I myself have since done biz with him with excellent results.

So...I guess where this leads is, it's often valuable to get feedback such as "that's odd, he's usually cool" and you can stop worrying, don't go running to the credit card company just yet, etc. These sorts of posts often sort things out without actual harm done to anybody, I think.

Or...phrased another way, if a guy's already built up an honest rep, that rep can survive small "glitches".

Jim March