Japanese Makers

Aug 8, 1999
How many people like Japanese made customs? I am starting to be a big fan of their approach. I love Koji Hara's gents knives. His "airstep"
bolsters are unique. A guy who has just come to my attention is Kensei Matsuno. I have got to get one of his knives! I love the way he uses tactical style clips on knives with blades right around 2.5".
If there is a demand for it, I think that more knives should be around 2.5" instead of just being a bit over 3". I think that even one handers in the 2.5" category are pretty unthreatening.
I agree. There should be more knives in the 2.5" range. While bigger knives may be better for hard and/or tactical use, many of us rarely face anything more difficult or dangerous than a #10 envelope and the occasional loose thread.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Koji Hara has on his table at the S.E.C.K.S. this September. And Kansei Matsuno's work really caught my eye the last time I cruised Arizona Custom Knives' website.
Kensei Matsuno has also caught my eye, I really like the lines and sweeps on these designs. Check out www.Bladeart.com for some more of the pieces.

Anyone know if Matsuno has a web site?

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