Japanese Member. Can you introduce us new Japanese Steel - ZDP-189, Crowy X, Crowy Y?

Oct 27, 2000
I recent heard some new Japanese steel(ZDP-189, Crowy X, Crowy Y) with excellent attributes. But I can hardly find any information about them on internet. Any Japanese member has more detailed information?
Try the steel in the EP-3? I hear that's good for knife steels...

(in case I NEED to SPELL this OUT it is a JOKE, and NOT a VERY FUNNY one at THAT)

Ah well...

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Wenhong -- when you get that screen about registering domains, down in the lower left, after scrolling, is what looks like a search box, with Carter Cutlery GO. Click that, download the Japanes program, and supposedly, you are there.

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The composition of these steels is listed on Koji Hara's website. However, the url which I have is no longer current.

Maybe someone has the current url.

I find the old site of Murray Carter. But them moved to m-carter-cutlery.com. Then I can't connect with the new site(Maybe the site is filted by our government -- Chaicutlery in one example). So anyone can reply me in the forums?
Cowry (not crowy)X, cowry Y were made by Daido Tokushu Ko (http://www.daido.co.jp). X is high carbon steel, and Y is semi stainless steel. Both manufactured by powder metallurgical process. X hardens up to HRC67, Y to HRC63. X has more tendency to rust than Y.
ZDP189 came from Hitachi. The name their develpment project code. ZDP contains 3% carbon with 20% Chrome combined by their own powder manufacturing process. If adequately heat treated, it is around HRC65. Hatta heat treating gave an idea of laminating it by ATS-34 for toughness. In this case it can be hardened up to HRC68. The laminated steel was made to a knife, shown in 1999 Atlanta blade show. They claim the knife made from the steel doesn't chip, bend after any hard use... albeit some of my friends' reports about their knives' chippings.
Cowry X and Y have fairy good grind-ability, compared to ZDP189 that is almost unable to grind.
I have no more specific data about these three. If you're interested in Cowry X and Y, try

and if you're interested in ZDP189, try

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