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Japanese Style Knives


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Apr 28, 2000
What are the members of this forum's favorite makers and styles of Japanese Style knives? and why?


I have a double edged blade with a double hamon by Yoshindo Yoshihara. I like it because of it's beauty and because it's made in the traditional way. I have several blades from Phill Hartsfield, who was one of the first to make these type of knives in this country. His knives have a wonderful balance and feel and never stop cutting. He is also very knowledgeable about blades and a pleasure to deal with. I also have a couple from Don Fogg. He has a wide variety of styles and does really beautiful work.
RJ Martin, Kuzoka in A2 just a very very sharp knife that will not slip in your hand at all!

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Don't forget Wally Hayes, who does excellent traditional and nonconventional work too.
Michael Bell, Jerry Brumagen, Amada Akitsugu, Howard Clark for modern stuff. I also love anything by Sumitani Masamine and just about all modern Gassan blades too.

As for older stuff, I like the Rai school of Yamashiro, and especially the Gassan school. I like a lot of other stuff, but those stand out.

My favorite Japanese style makers would be RJ Martin, Phill Hartsfield, Wally Hayes, Warren Thomas, Steve Corkum, and Don Polzien. While not exclusively a japanese-style maker, I have to include Neil Blackwood also for his sweet cord wraps.

Another maker with whom I have an order placed is Chris Christman. I also have a knife on the way from Chris that I bought from a fellow forumite. I'm also seriously thing about getting a kozuka or kwaiken sized cord-wrap from Mike Snody. His knives look very nice.


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I like the tanto's Don Polzien makes, I also wish I owned a Yoshindo Yoshihara like Yitz, but that is way out of my price range.
Thanks Al!

Above is my American Ninja and a Tanto Neck Knife. Over the Christamas holidays, I should have the first American Ninja II finished with pictures on my website. I have a drawing of it on my website now.
Also for 2001, my Hayabusa line will be expanded to 3 models with 5,7 and 9 inch blades. The Hayabusas are double ground, A2, cord wraped Tantos with integral guards.
A Stellite Tanto Neck Knife is in the works and I will have pictures of it on the website soon also


Knives in STOCK!! I just updated my website, PLEASE take a look :)

Don't forget about Ivan Campos's blades. IMHO, Some of the nicest cordwrapped handles I've seen on the web and you can not beat the price!


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Steve, thanks. If you'd like to see it,Dave Ellis has a Yoshihara that's just like mine on his website. Yoshihara attends several shows in the US, including the East Coast CKS in March. He doesn't speak English, but he's a really nice guy.