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JB Diamondback

Oct 4, 1998
Just received mine the other day and would like to share my findings. The knife weighs in at 3 3/8ths oz. It is 8 3/4 overall with a blade length of 3 3/4. The width is under 1/2 inch at .485. The knife is bigger than I thought it would be and weighs less than I thought it would.(both good quality's) Lockup is as good as most of my Microtechs OTF's. The blade is double ground & satin finished with the diamond logo on both sides. The handle is a silver gray anodizing and I must admit I was really impressed with the fit and finish! Since many of you that know me, know how much I like Microtechs I tend to judge any other knife by them. Jim really out did himself with this knife. Fit and finish rivals that of a Microtech.The pocket clip is well done and was partially recessed into the handle, nice touch! The button that is used to extend and retract the blade needs a bit of force to move and should do well to insure that there isn't any accidental firings in the wrong places. The button is a little on the sharp side as far as the edges are concerned. Overall, for the price of this knife I consider it a steal and Jim should do well with it!


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