Jeff Foxworthy visited his grandmother, Initiate a bowl of awesome, or The Next Run, AEB-L, and BIG.

Yes this decision does not affect any existing orders
but I might consider it in a case by case basis after a discussion with customers. But the official default position is going to be big blade, no pants.
11 1/2" blade, 17 3/4" overall. 3/16" stock. No name yet

Thar She Bolo's

(Looks like a bolo to me. 🤓)
Thread title updated. I am not going to pull the trigger on this until I complete existing orders and reevaluate finances at that time, because I want to be able to minimize deposit requirements on subsequent runs.

But I will continue posting ideas here to give an sense of the kind of things I'm looking at building.

This post is to reference the hand axe in MagnaCut that can be found in my shop thread, posted yesterday in WIP form. Well the next time I do one, it will be a slightly revised design, and in AEB-L steel around .140" thick. Old and new side by side, imposed, and the new on its own: