Jeff Randall's review of Junglee knife!

Feb 18, 1999
The new March 2000 issue of TK. I enjoyed the article, and to tell the truth, this knife looks great...I haven't handled one, but it appears to have an almost perfect shape, a nicely done grind (i.e., not abrupt).
I like Jeff's articles because his knives are used roughly in very corrosive environments. I wonder if Junglee would consider changing the sheath material to a high-quality synthetic, though??

BTW, the knife's full name is the Tactical Drop Clip Jr.
Just the mention of the name JUNGLEE seems to cause a deafening silence to descend on a post here. I have seen several things Junglee makes which I like and I am glad someone is finally doing a review of one of their blades.
Who out there owns some Junglee knives? Upstartcrow is right, I don't think I've ever seen a post before about Junglee. I'v only seen their knives in magazines and I'd be real curious to hear what some owners think of their knives. So, any takers?

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I bought a Shara folder > 1 year ago as a first liner lock. The knife was way too heavy for its size, didn't feel right - at least to me, and the lock looked like it would bend without much pressure.
I never used it, and gave it away to a friend with a warning.
I've never even looked at another Junglee product.

Just my opinion, yours might vary greatly.
I've never really looked at Junglee folders, just becasue I don't like how some of their models look like rip-offs of Benchmade designs... IMHO. In that price range Cold Steel has always appealed more to me.

BTW, Johan, I think there's a third group; I don't understand that and I don't think I want to!

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I have no experience with Junglee's folders, but I think some of their fixed blades look very good.

Jeff mentioned he wasn't expecting much from the knife and took it on one of his South American trips. The knife held up very well and he was impressed. IMO anything that impresses him is at least worth considering.
I've had good luck with the Junglee's I have. I have the fixedblade Junglee Waterloo with AUS-8 and the Tri-point folder with an AUS-10 blade . Both are great in fit,finish,grind and ergonomics. For the price the're tough to beat.
Anyone else realize that the Junglee
Tactical Drop clip is the old Blackjack
Tracker model? Great knife then and now,,
and the smaller models is the old blackjack Jaeger.

The panda skinning axe is the same as the BJK Viking raider too..

Seki seems top "recycle" quite a bit, esp. if the bills dont get paid.
The only Junglee I own is fixed-bladed Waterloo (AUS-8). A great, relatively light double-edged knife for the price, and with a good leather sheath, not cheap nylon.

BTW, I think it is stupid to badmouth a brand whose products one has never tried. To each his own, or as a saying goes here in Finland "one loves the mother, another the daughter".

Allright! Finally some people who are willing to admit they own and like Junglee blades. I am saving for a Hattori Fighter now but the lack of previous response to my Junglee posts had me concerned. Thanks for easing my mind.
Yes, I don't really understand why Junglee has been singled out by some. IMO almost every manufacturer has a knife or two that doesn't appeal to me, but that doesn't make the whole line bad.

It just seems to me Junglee is another up-and-coming company still in its growing pains. There will be some hits and some misses. But as I said above, some of their knives, esp. some of the fixed-blades, seem very well thought-out and high-quality. I'm sure as they go along their folders will become better and better as well.
Junglee uses decent steel, makes nice looking well performing fixed blades and they are pretty reasonable. I can say that after the Randall review.
I got a Junglee Marshall at the Bladeforums store closeout sale (I couldn't pass up the $25.00 price tag). It's a made in Seki liner lock folder with an AUS-10 blade. I got it more to play with the AUS-10 alloy than as a primary use knife. It is not as solidly constructed as my Spyderco Starmate, but seems adequate for my purposes (largely hunting). The blade takes an excellent edge. I got it for about 1/4th the price I paid for the Starmate and provides about 75% the utility. This yields awfully good value per dollar.