Jerry Fisk Designed Sendero Bush™ By White River Knives™!

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  1. wrcb

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    Aug 3, 2012


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    White River Knives™ is honored to collaborate with Jerry Fisk, MS. Jerry designed, field tested and has been personally involved in all decisions related to the making of these knives. Each knife will be precision ground, hand finished, and leather honed.

    O/A Length: 8.25”

    Blade Length 3.6”

    Steel: CPM S30V, 59 HRC (Cryo-tempered)

    Handle Scales: Olive Drab G10

    Blade Finish: Stonewash/Light Polish

    Sheath: Leather

    Price: $280

    We are now accepting PRE-ORDERS for this knife. By purchasing this Pre-order for $25.00 you will secure one of the first knives when they are released May/June of 2014. Anyone who pre-orders will receive free shipping and the knife in a box signed by Jerry Fisk himself.

    Pre-order process: Place the Pre-order now. You will be sent (by email) a discount code within 2 business days that will allow you to claim your $25.00 toward the purchase of this knife when it is released. The price will be $280.00 less the $25 you already paid.

    Reserve yours, in a package signed by Jerry Fisk, today!

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  2. wrcb

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    Aug 3, 2012
    Prototype shown with Micarta handles. First production version will have G10 handles.
  3. Gone2Fish


    Aug 17, 2013
    Very nice. I have one of your fillet knives. Very happy with it. so much that I bought another for a friend as a birthday present.
    This looks promising for a stainless bushcraft knife. I will be adding this to my list. Thanks
  4. bigrocky


    Feb 2, 2017
    hey @gone2fish, I am looking into buying one of these fillet knives as well. was wondering what model you had and any pros/cons you could mention.
    also, how is the sheath?
  5. White River

    White River

    May 12, 2010
    Just an fyi - Jerry Fisk is quick to clarify that the Sendero Bush is a hunting knife not to be confused with a bushcraft knife. That being said, we know some people use it for both. We do have a survival line - the Firecraft Series. The 5 inch blade can be seen here:
    There is also a 4 and a 7 inch.

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