Jerry Hossom

Feb 23, 2000
This knife was too nice not to post. For those going to the Blade Show, put Jerry's table on your list of "must see".

It's never too late to have a happy childhood!
Terrill Hoffman Knife Photography
That is one of the best looking knives I have ever seen.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer... but I've got the sharpest knife in the room.
Jerry always does fine work... gotta love polished finishes.


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As fine as they look to the eye you should see how sweet they feel in the hand!!! I fondled one or two of Jerry's knives at a show a few weeks ago and the balance and liveliness of the blade is incredible. I'm savin' for one!
Jerry is definitely 'da man! He's not only great at making knives, but he's a great guy to do business with. I can't recommend him highly enough to anyone who wants a first class cutting tool.

So, Jerry, what do you call that beauty, and how much is it? (drool, drool)

The way I see it that knife works. Change anything and the knife would seem to lose something.
The wood the pins, the spacer, anything.
It's a fine looking knife. It's the ability of knifemaker to make it work that makes some better than others. That's what makes the differance in an average and an outstanding knife.
Nice work

Nice pick T.H.! And nice knife Jerry. Personally, your knives are a real inspiration. I get a huge amount of ideas from your knives, as well as the words of wisdom you share. Thank-you for the cool knives and the help.

"Come What May..."
Is that yours TH? It looks nice and your pics, as expected bring out the fine beauty in Jerry's knives.. I noticed first off that the handle is spectacular!! CA buckeye you say,. got it.. I also noticed you got the honour of gettinga copper band on yoru bolster..

Oh well everyone knows how much I love Jerry's knives and how much I reveiew then in the review forums so I will save you the oogling..

I htnk I have one liek this knife and it realy s fast and deadly.

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It was one I had a hard time putting back on his table. But he is making one for me. I'm going for one a bit bigger for the moment but I think I'll give this style a serious look for the next one. It has the lines that would match up perfect with a Browning High Power.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood!
Terrill Hoffman Knife Photography
Seems like every time I get myself persuaded that life on a Vet's pension is okay, and though I'll never be able to afford any of those gorgeous tactical folders, neck knives, and many fixed blades, that my little collection of CRKTs work just fine for me, I see another Hossom fighter. I know that having such a knife would not only fill one with pride of ownership, but also greatly increase my chances of survival should it ever really be needed.

IMHO, few items I've every viewed so clearly combine art and function. Beautiful knife! Still, saw a Hossom in Blade Forem in just the last couple days with a more conventionally shaped handle that I believe I like even better. (Kinda like my deciding I want a Porsche instead of Merc because of better brakes, as I bumble about in my elderly Mitsubishi.)

I hope to see many more of Mr. Hossom's creations. Kind of like a great sunset!
Well Bugs, your wish is my command, sir. Here are a couple of Jerry's fantastic creations from my collection. Enjoy.

Terrill taking a picture of one of Jerry's knives; now that's a tough combination to beat.

Semper Fi

Talk about a great all purpose knife! That one in the middle would do everything a person could think of.

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HDCharlie, you are a gentleman and a scholar, sir. Thank you very much!! I've saved a copy of that picture, and think I may just make it my wallpaper her shortly. I really appreciate it.

Terrill -- Thanks for the kind words. Have to save shekels awhile before calling Jerry, but if I can avoid buying the next couple new CRKTs, and finagle here and there, maybe I can manage to buy a Hossom.

Thanks again.