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Jeweld rifel bolts.

Jan 14, 1999
I have a fascination with jeweled rifle bolts. I am refinishing knife for a friend and thought that this would be cool. How is it done? I am aware of the cheapo bowies that have this effect, but think it will be perfect for a scottish sock knife.

any thoughts?


Lot of ways to do it Pat. I've used a pencil eraser in a drill press before. Get lapping compound and the rubber fixture from Brownells.
I bought the tool from brownells for this. It is a very small wire brush with heat-shrink tubing and o-rings to tension the brush for big or small swirls. It is also spring-loaded to apply the consistant pressure on the work. It is nice because the swirls are identical. They sell the grit also. Cant remember the exact amount but it works good. You will also want a cross vise for your drill press to get the spacing the same.