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Jim Hammonds Knives

Aug 29, 1999
I want to find out about his knives, the flesh eater is the name of the one I've heard of.

The Flesheater was developed back during Desert Storm with Arsenio James Advincula of Oceanside, CA. Jim's 53 years experience in the martial arts (7th degree black belt, a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, etc.)with his particular emphasis on combat knives applications (he's a retired Master Sergeant with 24 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and continues to instruct troops throughout the world)formed the basis for this knife's design.

The FE's handle facilitates a secure grip in four positions, facilitating maximum fighting efficiency for three primary combative distances plus chopping, all using the modified hammer grip Jim advocates. The guard curves backwards at the top for maximum support in the webbing of the hand in the MH grip with the scales flared in an hourglass contouring for control and support.

The blade has a lot going on with a double-step offset-grind top edge, a serrated area aft of it for hand stability for close quarter reinforced cutting strokes, and a curved, flowing main grind edge designed for maximum cutting efficiency.

That's some of the basic details regarding this knife. It's the most specialized design in my line of combat knives and is designed specifically to fit Jim's training techniques and applications. It may or may not work well with other disciplines.

Email me or call and we can discuss specifics on this knife in more detail. Thanks for your interest.

I've handled a few Cobra gold folders at shows and they are really first rate folders - probably one of the finest tactical folders around, yet, on the forums, no one really seems to mention them. They seem to be quite scarce and when I do see them, they are marked up quite high... ca $600-$700.

What is the availability on these knives?
Currently, snail mail from me is the way to receive details on the Flesheater. When I get my new folders photographed, I'll either get the FE re-photographed or simply get the previous shot scanned in on disc along with the other combat fixed blades which form my core group of combat fixed blades for use on the website I'll set up at that time.

First generation Cobra Gold folders are no longer in production so there won't be any more. Second generation is in the works and should be out in a few months. There was both a collector grade and a military grade in two sizes with the original Cobra Gold folder series, should you come across one. Each series carried separate serial numbers as well.