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Joe Flowers machete book?

Feb 28, 2015
Chris, I'm writing a well researched book! And dude, you are on blade forums, can you really call someone having too many blades?

I used to have ALOT more, but I have been selling the doubles and triples to machete-less people in an effort to spread understanding and "out of the box" thinking in my area.

Been working on the book for about a year now. Got tired of all the internet fake knowledge out there and started hard research. There are plenty of axe books out there with tons of knowledge that you don't see on the web, but no one has done justice for the sling blade. Alot of it is political though and I didn't want that to be a main focus, but rather all the real stuff no one even had an idea about.

Its going to take a long time to finish because I have to go to the south pacific for a big portion of it.

Was this book ever published?


Basic Member
May 29, 2004
Never heard of it but I’d definitely buy it if it was/is published… 🤞
Dec 29, 2007
Well researched books are a lot harder than many writers think until they try it. I haven't heard anything about Joe making that trip to the South Pacific yet but I would think he would be better off going to Southeast Asia and or the Philippines.