Joe T., how's your Axis holding up?


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Apr 6, 1999
I noticed early on that you were a fan of the Axis lock. I've carried a 705S since it's inception last May; it's been to seven foreign countries and been used for everything from snorkeling off Grand Cayman to removing Cheetos dust from underneath my nails while sitting on a train going through the Jungfrau mountain at Interlocken, Switzerland. It's a can-do-it-all little folder. I alternate the 710 (plain edge) with a fixed blade for secondary carry when out. That makes the 705S my primary LPU (Life Preservation Unit).

I was just wondering how you were liking yours? I keep up with what people post about the Axis models here and at other forums, and your name has a tendency to pop up. Still think it's the best production folder in terms of resistance to long-term wear and overall utility? I do. Just curious.

The folder as a whole has held up very very well. Once you go through the chore of reprofiling the edge, you have a hell of a knife.

The most interesting part of the knife, the axis lock itself, has been outstanding. It remains rock solid, and hasn't shown any inclination to bind when a little dirty. From what little of the springs I can actually see, I can't detect any rust or anything else that would be a cause of concern.

Overall, I still love this thing! And yes, it remains my top choice in a 4"-bladed production folder, period.

What do you mean "from what little of the springs I can actually see"? You haven't taken it apart, yet? That's half the fun. Mine's great, but I haven't really had it long enough to comment on wear, although from the standpoint of an engineer, I predict good wear characteristics.


Couldn't agree more.

I've got a 705 that I sent to Dale Reif for customization; it's scheduled to be home in early June. He's fileworking the liners and blade back, putting on red jigged bone scales, and replacing the spacer with something that'll be a surprise. Can't wait to get it back.

My two Axis folders used daily are still locking up solid. No wear is evident other than a rub (not a dent) on the stop pin of my 710. That's good stuff!

You really can't beat the overall construction of the folders either. Structural integrity is great due to the threadserts on the reverse side of the screws; I like this better than many folders that have tapped holes in the liners themselves to receive the screws. On an Axis, there's more surface contact with screws on the receiving end than with the tapped-liner construction.

I find the 710/705S blade style to be more useful to me than on the 730 or 720 (definitely don't care for aluminum scales anyway).

The only thing that would make me consider giving up the 705S for daily carry would be an Axis-locking mini AFCK with an M2 option. That would be gorgeosity made folding knife IMHO.

Now if I can only find some Omega springs outside the walls of BM. It's the quest of the new millenium.

Take care.


I'm relatively new here. Does Dale Reif have a website or email you can list?

The idea of a customized 705 makes me forget about saving up for a small Sebenza! (well, at least for several months)


Go to the "Links" over at the right, and then select "Custom Knife Makers." Dale Reif's website has his email address.

If you want to see a dressed up 705, check out Frank Recupero's website, which I believe is in the "Links" as well.

I'm looking forward to getting it back from Dale, and if I can figure out how, I'll post a pic.

I've had my BM 710HSSR (m2 steel) and I love it. I have a large BM AFCK, Spyderco Wegner, and even a large Sebenza, but I always grab the 710. It really comes down to the AXIS lock. I love the other knives, but I love being able to flip the blade open, slice something, and flip it close, quickly with one hand. Plus the M2 steel seems great so far. I was out in the woods hacking through brush and pricker bushes. At the end of the day it would still shave hair on my arm, and this is with the factory edge. I've since beveled it down to 30 degrees, and put a 40 degree edge on it with the Edge Pro (The greatest sharpener ever by the way). I can't wait to pick up some more BM Axis lock knives. I think an ARES is on the list, and I heard something about some tanto style Axis locks comming. To get to the point though, so far my Axis is holding up beautifully.

Good to hear! Exacting primary edge angles are beyond me since I freehand sharpen with Spydie triangular stones.

Impressive that you choose the Axis over the Sebenza. Don't let too many people hear you say that out loud!

It's good to have a relatively inexpensive folder like the Axis that you can use hard without the knife crying out like a ballerina in her first play. That's the beauty of a production knife that's custom calibre, in my humble opinion of course.

I really like the 710. Ergonomic handle, great blade shape, and of course the superior axis lock. The only thing I dont like about it is that the thumbstud is flush and up against the g-10. I believe this would make for a difficult time opening the knife under high stress situations.

Dennis Bible
When the HSS versions of the 710 came out, I bought one and put the blade in the Aluminum-scaled handle of my pre-production 710. It's a combat-spec unit.

Between the all metal 710 and the Apogee, it is a pretty tough carry decision some times.
Slick! Now I have to get a HSS 710. HOw difficult was everything to pop apart and put back together?

Taking apart and reassembly of the axis locks are pretty easy Joe. The only thing I'd keep in mind is to when you are trying to stick the pivot pin back in (and align everything) remember to pull back on the axis lock pin.


In the case of just changing a blade in an Axis lock, it is utterly simple. Just remove the pivot pin, washers, and blade, and switch. I wound up doing a three blade switch in the end, and the locks on all of them were in perfect adjustment, so no worries about mismatching blades and locks.

I actually prefer the G-10 handle scales, but I wanted a 710 that was as indestructible as possible and a little out of the ordinary.