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  1. Johan van Zyl

    Johan van Zyl

    Oct 11, 2000
    No offense taken, of course, about the khuk/rifle combo! I would LIKE to dig up an older vintage khukuri someday to go with the Martini-Henry rifle, age-wise (which is c. 1877-1881), BUT.... where, o where, and how, o, how? My first priority expense right now is a bullet mould (of my own) for the M-H. Costs R500 in Johannesburg, w/o handles. (At the moment I am getting bullets from fellow re-enactors.)

    Quote from Lt. Dan: "The Cadet Mauser action over the large.......heavy bbl Sharps buffalo rifles.....Remington rolling blocks.....Creedmore matches..... Do you have a favorite brand of powder?"

    My father-in-law used to have a .22 cadet with bull barrel. I know the mini-Mauser only in .22. I have the rare interim B-type Oberndorf Mauser .22. I handled a genuine Sharps in Cape Town about a year ago. I owned a Rem. rolling block many years ago, but in poor condition. Heard of a Creedmore, but never seen one - only the pictures of guys firing in all kinds of weird positions.

    I shoot the only kind of black powder we can get in SA. Elephant brand, Ffg; under very strictly controlled regulations. Ffg means I can't get 40 grains into my .45 Long Colt SAA.

    Carried my WW I khukuri on my belt to the range the other day. It caused a stir, 'cause the re-enactors realised it's not proper Anglo Boer War attire! But I did get a lot of praise also, because we appreciate "show-and-tell". My own dress is "veldschoens", white corduroy long trousers, off-white shirt, tan corduroy jacket with brown elbow patches, delapidated wide brimmed hat with one side turned up, bandolier with cartridges, revolver in holster on left side, and Martini-Henry. (During re-enactments, our non-existant trusty horses supposedly stand by our side!)

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    May 24, 2001
    Drooling:eek: :eek:

  3. Johan van Zyl

    Johan van Zyl

    Oct 11, 2000
    Quote from Pat: "Drooling..."

    Wipe, wipe....

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