John Fitch 4" Hunter

Nov 13, 1998
Not many of us probably know who John Fitch is. He is fairly new to the custom knife seen. His mentors are Jerry Fisk and Joe Flournoy (dont get better than that!!).

Any how, One of his hunters really caught my eye on KnifeArt. I really liked the handle and blade shape. Most hunter/utility type knives out there have too small a handle for me to really use seriously. This one however, has a 5" handle with an excellent shape.

Upon first inspection on the knife i noticed that fit and finish were excellent. The only gripe i had is that the thong hole isnt lined, but if that is all i can find John is doing real good.(ive been accused of picking the flysh-t off the pepper).

Steel type is 1084, handle material is black micarta, guard is monel (a form of nickel silver).

John put alot of thought into "hard use" for this knife. there is a nice groove in the top of the single guard for your thumb to "torque on" if necassary. He also put gripping grooves @ 20 lpi on the handle (i havent noticed them being as helpfull as the deep groove on the gaurd, but a nice tough anyhow). The overall handle size and shape are very comfortable.

The blade was hand sanded about 4-1/4" long, with a slightly dropped point. It has a nice distill taper but is still stout enough to get through bone if you must.

It is nice that the blade was very nicely hand sanded but the handle was left a little "rougher" for gripping purposes.

Any how, the knife really performed well in general duties as cutting up fruit/vegatables to feed my animals. It also worked very well hunting in the thick Mississippi woods, when occasionally you can get tangled up in the vines and brances, it cut through them like nobodys business.

It works vey well for its intended primary use (skinning). It is a little large for coons but it worked very well any how. I imagine it was built with larger game in mind. i haent had the chance to use it to clean fish but i am sure it will work very well.

Ive used this knife for about 2 months on a daily basis. It hasnt "needed" to be sharpened, but i touched it up on a spyderco ultrafine stone to get it back to "scarry sharp" status.

So for fit/finish- good to excellent.

For performance-excellent.

For value-excellent.

I would highly recomend any knives from John Fitch.......whatch out for this up and comer he is serious.