John Greco knives...

Oct 12, 1999
Anybody out there have opinons about his knives?

And what thickness stock does he use for his smaller knives like the Companion or MST?

Thanks in advance.
I think John's knives are great.
The thickness of the smaller ones are 1/4 inch.


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I recently got a Cub Companion. It is most excellet - the fit/finish is superb and the edge is quite sharp. The handle offers a neutral grip so it is comfortable to hold in various ways without locking your hand into one specific grip. I believe the stock is 3/16" but I did not measure it. The leather sheath is solid. Definitely money well spent.


John just sent me a sample of the new hunter model he has. In my opinion it's one of the best outdoor/utility type knives he has in his lineup. I also like his powder coating. I was by his shop a couple weeks back and we spent most of our time discussing R&D for coatings and handle designs. He's definitley doing first class work and sincerely interested in always improving on things. You won't go wrong with a Greco.


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I have been collecting Greco knives for about 10 years now. They are excellent knives and if you do a search you will be hard press to find negative comments about these knives. The only thing better then his knives is john's customer service.
I have one of John's Cub Companions. It is a great, user knife. Very strong. Also the price is right. The sheath is really nice also. Mine is 3/16" not 1/4". I did put a slightly different edge on mine, when I received it, but that was a personal choice. I like a slightly thinner cutting edge. I would recommend his knives to anyone who is looking for a custom knife that you can use.
Buy one w/ out worry. The Clip Tip Fighter I have is 1/4" while the Cub Companion is 3/16". The best using knives I own. The only knife that has been through more abuse was the Kabar that I grew up with. John's service is also great. Trust me, he will go out of his way to help you. Let us know which one you buy.
Wow! Seems like nothing but glowing reviews. I'm probably going to have to give the man a call because I want the blade in 3/16" NOT 1/4". Thanks to everyone for their help and if I get one I'll let you know which one I picked.
I really like Greco designs, and the workmanship is excellent for the price. I bought a Cub Companion, and I like the design so much that I am having a hand maker make a similar one for me. The only problem with the CC was that the edge was so thick that it would hardly cut anything harder than flesh. You would practically need a mallet to drive it through a piece of rope. If all of his knives have edges like that, well...
I think of my Greco as my desperation knife.

I put a slightly different edge on mine than the very sharp edge John provided.
It will shave printer paper into curlicues and it will carve hickory.

I hold mine in reserve for the unexpected and use a folder for everyday cutting.

I don't see the axe edge and robustness as a shortcoming, and I think John has enough variations in his designs to meet most needs.

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Where else can you get a solid knife made from A2 at this price range? Excellent value.